Twitter New "Shadow ban"

Hey everyone,

Since just a couple of days I started noticing really bad twitter performance with follow/unfollow. I run a few dozen accounts for clients and it affects 80% of my accounts.

I tried a few tests – and what happens is that twitter isn’t notifying people when they’ve been followed by someone.

It’s a new form of shadow banning (not on the audience but on the notifications). Have you experienced that? Maybe related to US elections, but maybe it’ll stay.

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Is the issue with the account make the follow or the account being followed!

I`ve not noticed this but then I’m not doing client management.

The issue is when the account makes the follow. Twitter doesn’t send a notification anymore. So no more follow back :dizzy_face:

Just tested too and yes botted accounts are not showing up as a new follow when following others accounts, but the follow is sticking.

I`ll try resting the follow process on a couple of accounts (24hrs) see if it makes a difference.

It’s nothing new, wait till shadow ban will end and change your follow limits, also your proxy can be problem and big limits on that proxy cause shadowbans.

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@obik69 in your experience is it just a 24hr SB?

I follow between 160 - 180 per day on a mixture of proxies all seem to be affected, the problem is the bot still register the follow so it’s very hard to spot…

It’s easy to spot when you see that account don’t get new followers, mostly SB is for 24-48h, sometimes more than that, and i think 160-180 follow limits can work if you use 4g or resi proxies but still im not sure if you can do that limits every day without problems.

I had a similar issue with Favorite tool. The users don’t receive notifications when I liked their tweets. I rested my account completely for 3 days, lower the settings, and replace the proxy, then it worked again.

Did it come back?

So following/liking over consistent day’s leads to these features being SB, the tool can still complete action but the intended user isn`t notified of the action.

I guess there isn`t a safe limit due to how difficult this is to detect and when I look at the type of proxies I’m using (4g, res & data) it seems to be accumulative - So a build of follows then SB. I need to do more testing on this…

@ossi my likes/retweets are still working on the SB accounts but I have this set to 80-100 per day.

Turned off the follow settings on a number off accounts yesterday that had been affected by this Shadowban, tested them now 20hrs later and the ban has been lifted on most - this looks like its a temporary SB - I did also notice if you keep following with the ban you get a suspension or PW reset.

I`ve reduced the follow limits on the affected accounts and will keep testing.

What proxy provider do you use? I (until now) only used highproxies and on oct. 3rd I got hit by SB on follows on 90% of my accounts. Same day. Looking to change proxy provider, because it’s either this or a twitter-wide change.

I believe this is a new twitter wide issue. I’m having the same problem and came to MPsocial to see if anyone else was posting about it. This sucks.

From what I’ve tested it seems like this type of SB can last from 4 - 48hr (maybe longer) if an account keeps following while SB it will eventually be suspended.

I`m still playing about with settings but it looks like accounts need a big break in between follows - between 8-12 hours (sleep), some I’ve set to only run every 2nd day, once the account hits this type of ban it requires follow rewarming (starting low again).

I use the same settings across all my accounts 4g - data centre, all have been affected!

Can you PM me?

Hey everyone, how are your accounts doing?

On my end I’ve switched everything onto quality 4G proxies and lowered the limits to 50-100 per day with 2 days of the week of rest. Super low, not sustainable from a client perspective.

Most of my accounts are unshadow banned, but as soon as I try to increase the actions, I’m getting reshadow banned. I really hope this is due to the US elections – because otherwise I can say goodbye to 90% of my clients.

For those who aren’t having this sudden shadowban (I’ve been running some accounts for more than a year without problems) – what are your settings in term of randomization and limits?

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have also lowed settings 50-70 on following, can normally get 2 days of follows before the shadowbans start coming in, then I rest the accounts for 24 hours.

A couple of accounts have had the SB for over a week now, seem to be stuck.

The SBs and limits seem to only apply to the browser actions, manually on the app actions are higher (I haven`t had a SB).

Does Jarvee allow the option of following via the app or the browser?

Browser/HTTP, by the app I meant manually on a phone or virtually.

Hey guys!

I have almost 1k accounts running but I haven’t checked them for a while now, they just kept running on Jarvee. My question is, how do you know if an account is shadowbanned (aside from seeing them not getting new followers)? Do you check them one by one on or there is a way to easily track this or do a mass checking?

I feel like a huge percentage of my accounts are shadowbanned but I just don’t know how to really verify. TIA.

The only way would be 1 by 1, open 2 accounts 1 followers the other see if it shows up as a follow.

I’m doing 48hr following and 24hr rest at the moment.

1k accounts impressive, on how many Jarvees?