Twitter Verification Call Not Coming Through


Hi guys,

I’ve set up a new account, running it how i usually do and doing a manual follow and its got locked. One of my numbers is attached to it but when i click call me twitter does not ring so i can’t get a verification code to verifiy its me.

Twitter help pages just send automated email replies that don’t help.

Any one else had this issue?



Would suggest just trying a new number for now to see if thats the issue. Twitter is having a few issues lately anyways. Maybe it works again tomorrow. You never know. But trying with another number cant be bad. :slight_smile:


You can’t just add a new number though?

It won’t let you into the account unless you verify its you after they call you which is the problem. If i could just change number i would have.


To the best of my recollection, I’ve always been able to change the phone number when prompted to do a phone verify.

Could be one of a few things. Twitter may be having issues, or your number may be flagged. I’d turn the account off, let it sit for a couple of days & then try it again. The few times I’ve been unable to receive the call, this has worked for me.


@ATSocialMedia I don’t have much knowledge about Twitter.
If i have this kind of problems that i don’t receive sms from IG i just stop the account for 2/3 days.
After this time i receive a sms.


Twitter is having problems with the phone verification, I have a few accounts that have active SIM not receiving the call from Twitter


Let me try to have one of my accounts blocked and see if I receive the call.

Will go home and increase my activity. We’ll see. Update you later.


Thanks guys, i’ll keep trying then over the weekend.


had the same problem…emailed twitter support…fixed in 2 days


It can be a problem with the routing to the call to your carrier.
I had a problem of certain SIM cards not getting the call, while others were, all from the same carrier.
After that, suddenly I stopped receiving calls on any number from that carrier. It went on for over a month, I was trying every day, and no call got through, so I was ready to say goodbye to the blocked accounts, until a month ago it just started working again, even on the numbers that previously wasn’t getting the call.
On a side note, 2 days ago I stopped getting PV blocks on any accounts. Dunno if the accounts suddenly aged enough to be trusted not to be blocked, or Twitter changed something in their blocking algorithms.


Do you know the exact link you use as many of the help forms just send me around in a loop of automated emails.


Thanks for the info. I’m just about to try again now see if it will work now as Twitter has not got back to me yet.


Sorry man, can’t be of help. I manually retweeted 100 in a row hoping to get this account blocked (like it normally does), but it wasn’t blocking me.


Update - Contact twitter last week and although didn’t get a reply the account is now unlocked and didn’t have to phone verify :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that!


Thanks for trying :slight_smile:


No worries mate, was curious too. :slight_smile:


nope…its happened again…just emailed twitter support …its ridiculous


I still have the same problem on multiple accounts, what SIM card are you using ?


I’ve had this now happen on several accounts:

What you have to do is:

Go through support

Raise a ticket about your locked account and then copy and paste what you have wrote.

Wait for auto reply from twitter which tells you to reply back to the automated email.

Paste your copy into the email and send

Approx 1-2 days your account becomes unlocked but they never reply to your email.