Unban instargam help

**Hello, is there an opportunity to recover? there were no violations, I posted only funny pictures **
when circulating in the subdirectory, this is the case


We’ve determined that you’re ineligible to use Instagram. To learn more about Instagram’s policies, please read our Community Guidelines:


For safety and security reasons, we can’t provide additional information about why your account was disabled. We appreciate your understanding, as this decision is final.


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Go here: https://help.instagram.com/contact/1652567838289083

type your name, username and where you writing from

Dont click that your account promote a product, even if it does, this make it harder

After that you get a Facebook Email where they tell you what to do, to recover your account

Please do a search for similar threads before opening up a new one. There’s dozens of similar ones on this.

Check this one out for example:

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