Unfollow blocked for 5 days

Hello there, I have been unfollow blocked and I haven’t use Instagram for a year to follow or unfollow , so I unfollowed all the randoms I had in the account and got a 5 day block anyway what’s the suitable number of people I can unfollow without getting blocked?

You forgot to mention how many unfollows you did in total and how fast you did it?

But some basic suggestion here.

But all depends on your accounts trust score

That’s a hard block. It seems you have unfollowed too many users within a short period of time. When you get first block, you should wait for at least 12 hours before trying to unfollow again.

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A few months ago I had a block lasting for over 2 weeks. It will go away eventually

Yes, important info is how fast you were doing these unfollows. What other actions did you do from this account the same day you tried to unfollow users? Were you usually using this account from that same IP?

I would recommend 12-15 unfollow per hour for 8-10 hours a day 150 unfollow/day max.

I was doing it manually cause I had so many random accounts followed I guess I unfollowed up to 200 in under 20 mins :sweat_smile:

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haha omg 200!

same happened to me last week when I unfollowed some random profiles. Got a 7-day block for liking, following & unfollowing. Be cautious; i thought that I would have a great trust score on my account.

Same thing happened to me thought I had a great trust score now I’m scared hahaha

there is no need to be afraid, everything can be restored it will just take some time that’s all.

Don’t worry. The hard block is usually gone after 5-7 days. Once the block is lifted, you should unfollow fewer users per hour to avoid getting another block. You can try to follow @Luca’s suggestion and see how it goes.

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