Unfortunately, Pinterest blocked my website. // Board Inventation Challange


Unfortunately, Pinterest blocked our website.

Please help us to unblock our website on Pinterest…

Here is the guide how to do it: https://www.diyandmag.com/we-need-your-help-to-get-diyandmag-unblocked-on-pinterest/

Our Pinterest account ( https://www.pinterest.com/diyandcraftsmag/ ) 178k Followers …and group boards still work and popular.

I have also 20-25 popular group boards on Pinterest. If you can help me i will invite you to group boards which you need…

Please send us a screenshot which proves you reported. Then we will invite you to group boards. Best Regards

You can send screenshots to this post or to heddieashbury@yahoo.com

Let’s do it together…

Thanks in Advance

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I will do it later when I’m on my computer.

I see that you have been able to drive 100k unique visitors per month.
Have you done all that by just that one account?

No ı have other Pinterest accounts. Unfortunately yesterday Pinterest suspended account ( 178k ). But if you do my challenge I can send you some group board.

I am just curios, do you have any idea what got you banned from Pinterest?