User Levels Explained


I would love that. Anyone know if you can pay to reach Level 3 lol


Me too :stuck_out_tongue: ;p 13chars


Are you being promoted to lvl 2 automatically or not?


Yes, for example I am here for last 4 years atleast.


Is it possible to see how many posts we have responded to?



Yes under profile - - - > download all

Then use an excel removed doublicates and the number topics you made yourself and there you have your result sofar.

Good luck mate :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m still level 1…


Is becoming level two automatic?


yes it should be, just like every other badge you earn on this forum :slight_smile:


Just a small mistake, I think you meant “level” and not “lever”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, it’s done automatically as soon as you meet requirements.


i have seen some users in lvl 2 but they dont fit the requirements for lvl2


When you get to lvl2, you’ll figure out why :slight_smile:


I have a little work to go, I guess…


Thanks Johnny Boy


Great system! I liked it :ok_hand:


Thanks Johnny!!


It will be a long journey up to level 2 :blush:


Thanks for explainning Johnny !


lets do it, little work to go! :muscle: