User Levels Explained


Thanks for sharing the info.

I have some questions -

  1. Who can view and create a marketplace thread?
  2. What’s the price for opening a marketplace thread?



I have been living on this forum for the past two weeks. Really want to move up. Annoying when the last month I have been on here, always forgot to sign in. :confounded::exploding_head:


You need approval from @Adnan


:weary::joy:lol I literally laughed out loud when I read this.


@adub41 check this out


awesome. have to try to reach level 2 :muscle::muscle:


Is there really such button “free money” button
I hope this forum changes my status from broke to financially free


Promise you one thing:

Start reading as much as you can from here, grind your way up to lv 2 and start reading there as well, and if you ACT in this regard, you might become financially free in less than 6 months. All it takes is ACTION.

DO more TALK less.


DO more TALK less
*and write some helpful content here :wink:


Thank you for the advice :wink:


I think that it would be very useful and fair to update these details here as well:

I was not getting WHY I’m still not level 2 and now realized :slight_smile:
Most probably not only me guessing what’s wrong with theirs level :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the explanation


now i understand, I’ll give my contribution :ok_hand:


Sorry to for digging up this thread from the forum depths, but I have seen someone else mentioning that you need to reply to 250 topics. Has the rule changed at all? or is it still 150 topics you need to reply to.


reply to 150 individual topics. Not 150 replies in total.


Oh i understand its individual topics, just wasnt sure whether its 250 or 150, but it looks like its indeed 150 :slight_smile:


Just show up – contribute. That is all you need to do –
be there in a snap.
My dad used to say… just show up.


Hope to reach level 2 soon


long way coming then


cant wait to reach level 2


What is going on? There are multiple people who join and are immediately given LVL3 access. Are these special invite users?