User Levels Explained


Thanks for sharing the info.

I have some questions -

  1. Who can view and create a marketplace thread?
  2. What’s the price for opening a marketplace thread?



I have been living on this forum for the past two weeks. Really want to move up. Annoying when the last month I have been on here, always forgot to sign in. :confounded::exploding_head:


You need approval from @Adnan


:weary::joy:lol I literally laughed out loud when I read this.


@adub41 check this out


awesome. have to try to reach level 2 :muscle::muscle:


Is there really such button “free money” button
I hope this forum changes my status from broke to financially free


Promise you one thing:

Start reading as much as you can from here, grind your way up to lv 2 and start reading there as well, and if you ACT in this regard, you might become financially free in less than 6 months. All it takes is ACTION.

DO more TALK less.


DO more TALK less
*and write some helpful content here :wink:


Thank you for the advice :wink: