User Levels Explained


Or contribute. Contributing, even small things, can get you into level 3 quickly. Then you get the “Free money” button!


i see no “Free money” button, it hurts my feelings.


sry but no, everyone needs to earn their right to be there by being a valuable and helpful member of the community.


Then you’re probably on Level 3 Standard plan, you need to upgrade to Premium… :smiley:


Well if @BrandonBerner isnt Level 3 then nobody is… :wink:


2 request/things if you dont mind :blush:

  1. I think that the lvl 3 should be adjusted from 100 days to 3 months or 75 days :stuck_out_tongue: I wish it didn’t take so long since im uber dedicated. Not sure if I’ve missed a day since I found MPsocial honestly. I just hate that I had Massplanner for like 9 months+ and had 0 Idea how to actually use it just sitting open on a vps. And now im forging my first serious business and staking my name in a new industry :smiley: :smiley:
    woops, sorry 4 the rant :smile:

2.(serious request) The likes given and recieved NEED to be higher for requirements in level 3. I think you should actually have to commit to the forum to get to level 3…


Why? Actually it’s 50 days if you’re here every day since your signup. I think I got to level 3 on my 54th day on this forum.


Wat! seriously? This is my 60th day visited. Im not sure when I joined though to check my day since join to days visited visit ratio.


Yeah, it says visited at least 50% of the times in the last 100 days. So if you visited 100% in the last 50 days that means you have fullfilled that requirement.


no no, It means that i have to have my account be 100 days old and have at least 50% so 50 days on the forum to be reg. I believe.


No it can’t be like that I’m level three and have only 71 days visited.


@Gernozarus is right with this one, it’s 50% of the last 100 days, so if you have a 51 days old account and visited each and every day you should be lvl 3 , if not…well, you know how to get there :slight_smile:

Depends… people have their own businesses and lives after all, I can’t request them to be non stop on the forum, but a decent engagement that is constant in time will get you there which is enough, it proves you’re worth it, you’re in it for the long time and not just a hit and run person.

Also lvl 3 is not permanent, so if someone doesn’t keep up the visits and engagement they can be downgraded to lvl 2, that again should be enough to keep only the really interested people in there.


Thanks for your explaining


… i got the impression that i was promoted to level 3 in less than 50 days. i joined MPsocial on 11 Feb. and i was promoted to level 3 on 1st April?

that’s about 45-46 days? sorry, my maths suck


you might have gotten lucky, i had it set for 90 days at one point for testing purposes :slight_smile:


is level 3 the highest level? How about level 4?


yes, highest for mere mortals :smiley:


And then there is BB with his “Instagram Master” level lol


Speaking of which, how does one aquire such a level as “Instagram Master” lol and are there any more special titles lying secret under ground? :hushed: hehehe
"FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z! dun dun, dun du du du, du du du du du du duuuuuu."


I think you need to open a coffee fund :slight_smile: No fund, no IG Master level!