User Levels Explained


When you get to lvl 3 you can request a special title like that if you feel you need something more interesting :slight_smile:


=( never gonna make it to level three lol i simply want my title to be “he who shall not be named” then when anyone tags me ill have some copy and paste lines hahaha dont mind me just random thoughts haha


Thanks Johnny. That’s very helpful.


Hello thank you for creating this post. Does entering X topics mean creating your own questions? Sorry, I am new.


I’ve been using Massplanner for a year now but I’ve only just signed up to the forum (been lurking for ages, however).

Better start building up my level anyway.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Great info thank you!


MP user for 1,5 years, trying to build my rank on this very sad day.


I have these stats
20 days visited

5h read time

1.2k posts read

1 <3 given

1 topic created

7 posts created

3 <3 received

But still on Basic, how can I achieve Member


I just earned it after this reply :smiley:


I don’t think user level has ever been as important as it is today!


Yet another epic forum lurker but rare poster realizing the error of my ways…


what is entering topics? Waht enter means? Like reply? or cast a like?


I guess it means opening and reading a topic (a post)


Edit: Not a post, entering a topic like this one we are discussing for example “User Levels Explained”


thanks for clarification :wink:


I’m a “member” according to my profile (did not even know about it.)


I bet this thread has become very popular lol.


enter at least 20 topics <- meaning that we just need to visit 20 threads? :expressionless:


i guess that’s is what they meant


58 days visited
1d read time
5.8k posts read

but i still on basic user only, :sob:
english not my native language so i seldom reply any post.