Username not available

Does anyone know how to reach out to Instagram to change your username into one that’s still not available, although the account can’t be found (-> got deleted)?

The account I am talking about was inactive for about 4-5 years and vanished 6 months ago.
The name is the name of my blog and all my social media handles. I even run a small business with that name and it is the only “company” you find via google which uses that name.

I tried to contact them a few times, but I get no response via instagram “help” :pensive:

Try more often. Just email them every day, twice, the next two weeks!

was this your account before ?

No, it was occupied when I got my first Instagram account (2012), but the person didn‘t use it anymore (a mother with ~ 12 pictures of hair ties, inactive since 2012)

I will. Do you have any emailadress? I only tried vis the help section on instagram itself, but nothing is happening…

There is no way you can take someone’s username. Even though his account is disabled/banned.
If this was your account you could try to enable it.

The account doesn‘t exist anymore.

I have heard from others who succeeded, so it definitely is possible. But I think they might have had help from someone working at FB / Instagram.

everything is possible if you have connections :slight_smile: fingers crossed.

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and the:

And you have that connections i assume…

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not anymore :frowning:

If they deleted their account, it may not be recoverable. If they did not delete their account, and Instagram did, Instagram can choose to release that username.

My wife had a spam account that was banned and they released the name.

But according to this, if they delete it, you cannot recover it. Not sure how true it is.


I am pretty sure Instagram deleted it. They did it ~ 2 weeks after ai reported the account (2nd time) because of violating my brand (not very nice, I know, but it is true that a lot of people are looking for my brand name on Insta and all they found was a mom life account :-/

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Hello! Were you ever able to get your username changed to the deleted account’s name?

In the same situation myself currently, I actually reached out to the account as it was inactive and asked if they would be willing to delete it and they did. Doesn’t show up in search results anymore, but when I try to change it it tells me the username is unavailable.

Unless you know someone with connections it’s likely possible.

Unfortunately not. I still don’t have the username I want, although the account from that other person doesn’t exist anymore.

I know someone who has access as a media partner to claim username. But its not free he sells them. I just bought him one now via escrow but it was very expensive because it was just my first name.
The good thing is that he tries to get the name and if he’s successful he will PM you from the account to prove it. After that only you guys start the escrow. And you have 3 days to go in the account and change the password and email to yours before the money is released to him
Let me know in PM if you want to me to put you in touch.

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@Stevensteven Could you help me get in contact with the person that can claim IG usernames. The username I want to register is deactivated/not available. It was probably deleted. Thanks!

PM me the name you’re looking for and ill ask him if he’s interested and put you in touch.
Hé just got me a 4 letters name that was deactivated. Apparently its all about the last login date. If it was long ago enough, he will be able to get it


@Stevensteven I can’ find the PM button. Maybe I am not allowed to use it since I am a new user. Do you have an email?

You click on a username and then hit Message