Using Facebook in JARVEE-CODE168

I am using jarvee to automatically send Facebook group posts, but some groups have 168 errors, please help, how to solve this?

  • Can you go to Summary tab, hover over the word SCREENSHOT next to the error code 168 and then post a screenshot of the error image here?
  • What are your VPS specifications?
  • How many FB accounts do you have in Jarvee?

When I post a Facebook group post on jarvee, there will be two error prompts, error 55 and error 168
I use a VPS to run jarvee, and there are currently only 5 Facebook accounts on jarvee
Thanks Ossi

We have already discussed that on this thread:

For both errors, please put your mouse over the red SCREENSHOT word and show us the screenshots of the respective error images for error codes 55 and 168.

For error 55, aside from what Jaha mentioned, there are also times when the destination page is not being loaded completely. But that should have been handled now if you are on the latest Jarvee version.

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Yes, that was a possible scenario as well but it should be fixed with the latest update.