Using Jarvee with LinkedIn

Has anyone had any success using Jarvee to grow their LinkedIn accounts? Either personal or for clients.

I’m well aware that there are limits to using linked in, and that purchasing a premium membership is necessary.

I’d like to get some chatter going in regards to settings, strategies, sources, etc…


Yes, as I replied in another thread,you should use it not only for getting more views on your profile or connections. Sending messages depending on triggers is an amazing tool that can really help you to make amazing funnels, you should try it!


I actually started that thread as well :slight_smile: two birds one stone

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I would love to learn more about how to do the Linked in tool. Do you have any thoughts or settings you would advise?

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Following! Would love that too

I had never use it and would love to hear from someone who did :slight_smile:

Please note that this thread is on Level 1. So the more information you share, the more information everyone, even people from LinkedIn can get. And as they have already banned people due to using automations tools, we have every reason to believe that dont like it and that they are doing their own research how to prevent it - maybe even by reading posts in certain forums…

Just my 2 cents… :wink:


I have used LinkedIn automation for 2 weeks now, it is growing steady, but not that hard. I am on the safe side, but I love the progression I have.

So, some limits I use:

  • max 60 to 80 profile visits (send the profile visits to connector list, but do a certain percentage to look human)
  • max 40 to 60 connects daily.
  • automatic message to every new connection to start contact.
  • Use like and embedded browser to be more humanlike

I won’t discuss delay, because of what @SkinnyGirl said, just spread it out and make it as humanlike as possible.

You can ask me any questions you have.


Definitely useful information in your posts for many people.

I would add two more things:

  • Try to keep the number of invitations (that you have sent) below 500, so withdraw invitations that were not accepted within 7 days.
  • If you use automation, be prepared that LinkedIn may ask you one day for a phone verification. So either have physical SIM cards or a service who provides you with PVs…
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Yeah did not know about the phone verification, thanks for adding.

For those in the LinkedIn game do you need a premium account or is this not required?

If you have premium - you can go a bit faster with the tools.
Otherwise - all tools work the same, just go slower so you won’t get Linkedin jail.


I’ve had a ton of success!

I’ve made at least $50k just from my own LinkedIn account, mostly automated.

We have several clients, all doing very well.

There are some things that you need to do that aren’t automation to really take your LinkedIn account to the next level.

Most of it involves copywriting. Your updates need to be dope. Written so they are easy to read.

Highly recommended to use premium. LinkedIn basically says “we don’t care how many actions you do as long as you pay us”


Great idea!
I’m a digital nomad and can help my other half find an online job this way I hope :slight_smile:

Hi Tim, are you still having good results with automation & Linkedin?

Thanks for sharing this, just aware that alot can change in a couple of months so thought I would check in before I go ahead and use similar settings to yours, thanks!