Using the right residential proxy supplier

Right now I have 100’s of my proxies that I use for IG, YT and FB. Its going great so far… However I’m building software that allows people to connect their account to my system for Hyperlikes on Instagram.

I’ve got 2 options

1) Stick with my current proxies and let 2-3 accounts sit per proxy.

PRO: Easier to manage if 1 proxy gets blocked
CON: The expense of running multiple proxies for 500+ accounts will be expensive

2) Residential Proxies for multiple accounts per proxy

I’ve never used residential proxies, but hearing from developers that they use 3 residential proxies and connect all 300-500 accounts to them.

PRO: Cheaper in the long-term
CON: Block Wave if detected by IG

My question anyone has had good experience with residential proxies? Who is a good supplier?


So let me get this straight. You have your own proxies, and yet you still use 2-3 accounts per proxy? If you have your own proxies the cost should be pennies per proxy, not dollars.

That should be a very low number.

What the heck are you even talking about? 10-15 accounts per proxy? 3 proxies for 300-500 accounts? Do you even math bro?

300/3 =100 accounts per proxy.
500/3 = 166 accounts per proxy.

And you manage peoples Instagrams?


I’m asking for advice, so yeah! :wink:

Yes, I manage a lot of Instagram accounts. You just can’t let it go… can you? Are you a jealous child…hijacking my threads all the time? Do me a favor and stop replying to my posts. Jealousy and negativity isn’t a good mix.

This is for a new project like I said, I’m looking for advice for residential proxies.


In my case, my accounts get action blocked if i run more than 5 acc per residential ip, at the same time, you can run as many acc as you want BUT, only 5 acc at time, thats in my case. Thats for instagram


Interesting, I know a few developers that have 3 residential IPS for 300+ accounts with no like blocks or anything. You have to verify the ‘it was me’ 3x for it to work.

Are you sure about 5 accounts at a time?

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Im complety sure brother, you can log as many account as you want, instagram wont as for PV , BUT if you try to run more than 5 account at the same time, doing follows/like etc the usual mp actions, like block will happen this is 100% confirmed in my case, to solve this issue i need to restarts the routers and device id of my accounts. This is for home residential ip, i dont know about mobile ip

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Good for you. Spooksie comes on here and spews nothing but BS and clearly has no idea what he is talking about ever.

If you know developers that are doing that, then why not ask them where they get their proxies, and just do it?

Hyperlikes? Anyone with level 2 access knows exactly what those are.

Nice try spooksie. Seriously? You just made that account? Joined 14 minutes ago and yet you’ve been following my threads?

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Also my YouTube channel has grown like crazy. I’m giving amazing free advice and even going on radio/podcasts too. People listen to my advice and grow with me. This is why I’m doing great and this is why I’m growing fast. This bother you?

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I just closed the topic for a while…Come on guys…