Using TUMBLR to drive traffic to website

A few years ago everyone was talking about tumblr and using it to drive traffic.
Is anyone using TUMBLR to drive traffic to their websites?
Can you offer tips on how to use Tumblr for traffic?


Never tried it :slight_smile:

But I’ve read a lot of threads on other IM forums, what I noticed is that most people who used Tumblr to drive traffic was using it to drive traffic to p0rn websites :blush:

Not sure why, but I have a feeling that it could also work for fitness niche if you’re not really into making money with p0rn :smiley:

What did you have in mind? What niche you wanted to promote there?


Yes, I use Tumblr to build backlinks to my sites.

Expired Tumblrs are very easy to come by (keeping them may be another story). There are plenty of tutorials online that explain how to find them.

Basically, you want to find Tumblrs with good metrics & then drop a few backlinks to to your site. You can set up your bot to follow / reblog / like / etc, but it isn’t necessarily needed. You just want the link with your keywords.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.


It’s not that I’m too lazy to google it :slight_smile: , but I would really like if you could write us your way of finding expired blogs with good metrics, just so we have it all in one place, and since you already used it, you probably know the best way/s.


Sure, I’ll type something up & post it.


I’m curious about using Tumblr to drive traffic as well. I have a few accounts that I created the day they launched and forgot about them… they’ve just accumulated followers because of the short original domains, and now I have a few with 4k followers and no content… time to cash out? :grin:

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is it same with finding explored tumblrs or is the method just for finding expired domains ?


I use tumblr to drive traffic and I rank on 1st page for over 50 keywords only from tumblr and few contextual links.

Use the link in the description of the blog. Also add 1 post 500+ words relevant to your topic with 1 link pointing to high authority site and 1 link to your site (use less exact match kw links and more branding, general words and nake links, including these links in the description). The link in the descriptions are fine without redirection but even the others, in the post , with redirections are still passing juice, so make sure u blast em with GSA after u set em with 100-200k spam links.

Also there is no need to register new tumblr blogs, just scrape some 30+ pa with the free TUMBLR HUNTER in case u dont have scrapebox.


I’m very curious if you can still rank using tumblrs. I think Google did something that makes web 2.0’s kind of useless.

Correct me if I’m wrong. :smiley:

i was trying for a while to drive traffic to my youtube channel from tumblr. i dont think i was succesfull, might try some of the tips on this thread

No, you’re right. If you post the same things google will rank it as stolen or copyright infringement and you will rank worse with your site or the tumblr

I`ll going to use tmblr too.

Yes to both sentences. Links from web2.0’s are not as powerful as they were years ago. But that doesn’t mean they lost all their power.

As long as your on-page is spot on and the keyword is easy you should see movement from web2.0’s, especially from expired web2.0’s.
From my point of view, easy keywords are those that rank top 100 only with on-page seo. If in a few months you don’t rank top 100, your keywords might not be that easy.

Anyway, here is a recent case study I did on ranking with expired tumblrs:

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Sorry, but I think your way of looking at keywords is a bit too simplistic and not relevant. Your first objective in SEO is to hit page 1, so that you will get at least a bit of traffic to your site from search engines.
Hypothetically, a site might rank in top 100 for a keyword solely from on-page SEO (although highly unlikely, because how will Google index your site?), but the top 10 in Google are authority websites that invest lots of money in SEO.
I usually look for keywords that forums rank for in the top 10.

anyone using tumblr nowadays?

yeah off course, many users are but you know not as much as TikTok and IG young generation platforms :grin: Tumblr is not that exciting any more for many users and i don’t really know why this sudden drop from 2 years untill now.