Using your home IP as a residential proxy with a Raspbery


Well it’s strange, can’t help you. I have absolutely no issue with my residential proxy.



Would you like to share how you set your residential proxy, like what hardware you use, various connections with components and the setting for the proxy?
Will be really helpful and appreciated!


great job mate. thank you


I’m in the process of scaling and trying to bring the setup to perfection (efficiency, stability and security wise). I set the first iteration up by myself gathering info on internet and with the help of many coffees. I’m now helped by a network engineer that will help me scaling this and making the setup flawless. So i’ll ask my buddy to do a full tutorial when we actually know how to run a multi connection and perfect setup.


Hi, thanks for the answers.
Would you like to post the tutorial here when it’s all done? It can be very helpful for everybody! Thanks man!


Thank you!
Please update the results when everything is at working setup


Hello guys

Did you find a solution for 3G proxy?


If you get to the point where you want to punch a wall, consider hiring a linux expert on FIVERR. I paid like $10 for a guy to setup squidproxy…


Thanks for the guide :slight_smile:


Hey @dimitri, great guide! I have been wondering on how to do a setup like this, with multiple 3g dongles for weeks now and i’m just getting headcache out of it.
I would love if you can explain more on how did you set this up, how did you make to connect that much sticks, and how to assign them on different proxy, how do you let them reset without losing access to them each time.
Thanks in advance!!


I’m interested in the same thing as what @Broked discribed. One stick okay but multiple 3g dongles how to do that… :laughing: do i have to use nano /etc/3proxy/3proxy.cfg ?

I received today my raspberry and tommorow the 3g dongle + i bought the same simcard unlimited internet with 128kb as u @dimitri :laughing: i readed you have managed 5 accounts per dongle but after testing what was you max?



I found an article about install 3proxy and 3g dongles here


3proxy and windows for massplanner and proxy sever - should i use sandboxie etc then to work ok? I read that on windows there is problem to run many modems… or maybe it will be the best option - windows with massplanner and on the same machine virtualbox with for example centos and 3proxy which will handle many modems connected by hub. Will it work?