Using your home IP as a residential proxy with a Raspbery


For sure it is possible!
physical access is not the problem.
Access also not the problem most routers have defaultpasswords.
You can ask them all nicely and bring up a nice story, why you want to access the router.
(e.g. disable wlan at night for better sleep lol or referring to this dangerous attack/bug/virus etc and check on things…)
Most older People aren’t using anything after they setup their router once.

Just get access, setup portforwarding physically and done. No Problem in most cases! Else move on.
25$ per constant valueble real Elite Proxie, is still worth it. Real Identity.

The Problem is to have a stick ready that is setup and You can access it remotely.

So what’s the Problem, you never tried a solution like that, did you?
You could try it with your linux laptop first, if you find a solution there it is probably possible to automate that.

So where is your Solution to the problem?


amazon live
home streaming

ya sure about that?


Damn, this is great share. i was looking for this.


Well, of course they use many services to watch stuff etc. in the internet.
but they never come back to their router or think about it, except if it doesn’t work.
So it can be used for your proxy :wink:


your dead wrong. many of the ‘older’ gen are the one that built desktops before ya was in diapers. hell, even my 76 year old grandma built one to save money. and you forget one fact. the older gen don’t use insta – its the 18-25 gen that are 65% percent of the users. get your facts straight


Dead wrong? you maybe. haha wtf is up with you?
You didn’t get the point.

Don’t know about your hightech grandma community, but 99% of older People have nothing to do with Proxies or Router Settings, what I was talking about.

And yes exactly, they DON’T use instagram, facebook and social media. That’s why their Router and IP is a free spot to take it’s place for a bot, an real social media identity = IP, a System, whatever, it’s a new Person basically, who can communicate via bots.

Building a Desktop PC for old people was not the talk, but it seems you want to honor your grandma more then to actually listen to what people saying like me.

Maybe you want to check the facts?

Yes they use smartphones and tablets and also the internet, but really really basic.
Just like you said, watch watch watch or maybe write an email somewhere, that’s about it, except for maybe buying something.

No Senior is really into hacking, using bots or marketing via social media, except for few Pro-Speakers, like Brian Tracy and our old famous Personal Developement Gurus.
Free Router, free Account with best quality IP or IDENTITY.
That’s the point.

Now go and play.

ps: I’m at computers & internet since 1994.


good, than you should know what you want to do is crap… :slight_smile:


i been coding and hardware since 1986 – im older than you and more experienced. i still today code build hardware systems…latey coding for phones – your idea while good has one flaw – routers today get worked on by by new gen android systems that bypass em…aka firestick and others.


Great Alex, finally you say something useful here.
So maybe you have better ideas then, to set up a network of real proxies?
How would an older, more experienced Coder do it then?
Maybe use android rooted phones?


Great guide. I am trying to replicate this with 3g dongles using the method you have described above but I don’t see how it can work. Do you have to set up multiple users in the 3proxy.cfg file and some how specify different external IPs for each user? Can you share the 3proxy.cfg file that you used for the 3G dongle set up please?


I’d buy one for sure


Just ran through the tutorial and it works!

thank you @dimitri

Allowed me to move an important account off a datacenter proxy and onto a home one.


not gonna be easy


Yeah tell me about it, I’ve been trying for days and have had no luck. When I try to specify the internal IP address as the RPi ethernet and the external as RPi wifi then everything works fine but when I put the external IP address as the 3G dongle then it acts as if it has no active connection to the internet. I have tested the dongle, it does have a 3G connection so my assumption was that I need some sort of routing table since the 3G dongle is on another subnet.

I don’t know much about IP routing and IP tables but I’ve Googled it a bit and any route that I set up just doesn’t seem to work. Not even sure how to properly troubleshoot it. While researching I read in some places that the huawei 3G dongles have 2 different modes, HiLink (router Mode) and Stick mode (modem mode). Supposedly the dongles are supposed to be in modem mode but by default are in HiLink mode. You know it is in HiLink mode if you can access If it is in router mode then this kind of makes sense as to why it is not working as I cannot set up any route or port forwarding or anything on the dongles router, so it would not know where to send the packets so it just drops them instead. I’d assume that this routing would not be needed in modem mode because it would be just 1 external connection, no routing needed, right?

I spent ages trying to figure out how to connect the dongle in modem mode but when I finally got it to switch there was no longer an interface for the dongle. I have tried setting up a new interface for it using many different guides but could not get it to work. I also tried using wvdial and managed to create an interface with this at one point, had an IP address and all but still no active internet connection, couldn’t browse the web at all.

I’m at a bit of a loss with it now and can’t really think of what else to try so if anyone has any suggestions, please do let me know.


anybody has experience to build many mobile proxies on windows and would like to help + earn some $$$/get free mobile modems/get mobile proxy for some time? :slight_smile:


Maybe get inspired by this Thread?


i’m working on that, hope to get them soon


I have been stuck for days.
I managed to get this to work succesfully from browser, both local and remote. If i check the proxy with a proxy checker it successfully say that it works, BUT if i try to use it on my vps, most of the times i get a 502 error, i can do some action, like some F/UF, but can’t add an account, or many action fail with this error. Ports are open on the server and all others proxy always worked without any problem. Any suggestion?


youre a trooper for sticking it out man. I hope you can get some help and figure it out!


Thanks @dimitri exceptional work!!!