Version - October 28th

What do you think?

Is there anything interesting?

Version - October 28th


  • Settings Social Platforms Instagram - Added option ‘Logout from embedded browser when direct message using Embedded Browser is blocked(error code 46 or 508)’ useful if you want to automatically logout when DM using the Embedded Browser is temp blocked
  • Instagram Contact Tool - When sending direct messages via api, in case of a temp block auto relogin via api if you do not have the Disable automatic api logout checked
  • Instagram Like Tool - Sources Like specific users added option to split with specific accounts
  • Instagram Contact Tool - Send Messages tab replaced the Suspend when temporary block option with the new suspend where you can set two suspension wait times
  • Instagram Follow/Unfollow/Like/Comment Tools - When getting hard blocks from Instagram (blocks with an expiry date) suspend the tools until that date and show a message in Dashboard Summary about the hard block and when it will expire. Applies only when using api
  • Instagram Contact Tool - Added option to Reject pending friend requests on the Send Message to New Followers tab.
  • Instagram Follow/Like - When sending to extracted users/posts added an option to specify to run continously. Use that option if you want to ignore the wait between operations time.
  • Social Profiles - Actions on Selected profiles - View status history now shows a proxy column ( shows the proxy that was assigned to the account at the time of the status change).
  • Tools View - Execute On Selected accounts list added option called ‘RE-LOGIN WITH EMBEDDED BROWSER AND RUN FOLLOW TOOL’. Use this if you want to relogin with EB and run follow tool on valid Instagram accounts. The follow tool with execute only if its already started and when clicked the option will apply to all visible accounts( filtered by text and/or by tag)
  • Campaign - Scrape posts - fixed extracting posts from Pinterest.
  • Instagram Story Viewer Tool - Fixed issue with limit views per user not working in some situations
  • Campaigns - Fixed some situations where Products would not load when trying to Tag Products when posting with a campaign on your Instagram account
  • Linkedin - Send message - remove occupation titles from [FIRSTNAME]
  • Global Tools - Twitter Profile Bulk Editor - fixed editing profiles when embedded browser is not maximized
  • Instagram - Like Exchange - Fixed auto login issue
  • Instagram Copy Settings - Fixed issue with action blocked filter not working in the Copy Settings popup
  • Instagram Story Viewer Tool - Fixed issue with view using geolocation returning no more results
  • Twitter - Delete posts - fixed removing retweets
  • Campaign - Pinterest - fixed error code 158 - uploading image in two steps
  • Twitter - Follow - fixed extracting active users
  • Instagram Follow Tool - Fixed issue when getting temp block from api in some situations the suspend time was not respected

Its mostly primed towards using API to follow the accounts that have been scraped with slaves/dm fixes

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Finally! Been waiting for this one.

I thought people scraped because it was not possible to do so with EB.
But people also follow with API?

No blocks… stuck on EB trying to follow its searching and stays like that for hours. Tried delete cookies, nothing works. Anyone have the same problem? Following is Idle. but unfollowing works

you didnt try follow by api?

havent used api in weeks - api = AC for me

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@testing123 There is a thread regarding this. Please use the search function.

I am just curious if the blocks stopped or not?

Is this version okey for automation?

excuse me, what? If you are asking this question, then I would not go for automation in any parallel universe.

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sorry bud :slight_smile: i want to ask everyone but i accidentally quoted you

Heads up - version got released a few minutes ago, yet in the changelog everything looks the same.

Minor fixes I assume

So in this version they fixed blocks via API?

I used the enable loggin events, then reset id - but got blocked after 0 follow (never happened before) and 17 unfollow in 2 different accounts.

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No. I think it will be a looong way until they resolve that issue.

Don’t use the logout every X hours - got 3 accounts 3 days block, sucks.

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how about other accounts without use this option?

All EB works OK±, I mean 20% blocks, My Raw 4G proxies:

  1. rest after block for ferw days
  2. rest after second-thirs block and change proxy clear cookies
  3. move to MY OWN ANDROID BOT WORKING LIKE HUMAN NEVER GOT BLOCKED :sunglasses:, but expencisive to run and maintaine for now.
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