Video copyrights while reposting

I have question
The question is for those whor run any repost accounts Instagram, TikTok, Youtube. How You deal with copyrights? I mean when reposting somone else content on my account is it enough to just „@„ tag owner in video?
I see a lot of reposting channels and im curious how they deal with this problem.

Reposting the same content will not work good, it’s better to edit the content if you want to use it again.

For reposting images, the safe way I observed for most is to credit the original username who posted the content by mentioning them on the caption OR tagging them on the new post. Some will appreciate it, while some will tell you upfront to stop reposting their content.

As for videos, I’m not sure how it will be safe but I’ve posted a video once from my TikTok and reposted it to IG, but the content on IG got flagged for copyright (with the song used).

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Thanks for help :slight_smile:
I mean for example reposting content form Tiktok to Youtube Shorts. Is it ok to add link to oryginal video on tiktok in YT description? I know there are a lot of reposting accounts, but don’t want to have copyright problems in the future :wink:

I’ve been reposting with many accounts and never had any problems, but if you want to make sure not to have any problems in the future, and that could be brought up especially if you manage to hit some serious numbers with your account, then you should have your original content.

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Ah, I was talking about IG. For TikTok, usually the videos include the username on the watermark, right? and what I normally see people do on FB is to give credits to the original username on the watermark.

You can avoid copyright issues by doing these:

  • Don’t remove TikTok watermark in the video
  • You can put a disclaimer in the video description saying that the clips used in your video are not owned by your channel.
  • Add something like this in your description: for copyright or credit issues, please contact my email:
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tagging the original poster should be fine but I would recommend using some tools to edit the videos before posting for long-term safety, as Jaha said once you start getting some good numbers you might start facing some verifications.

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