Viral Content Scraping Resources [Python]

What are some good resources to scrape viral content for instagram? I’m working on a Python script which scrapes proven viral content around a particular subject (e.g. from top posts of a particular subreddit?), change their meta data, generate hashtags and alt text, store it and get them scheduled for manual posting.

Any resources you’d recommend to get some proven HQ content (images and videos)?

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I have such tool that does all that. Scrapes viral content based on virality score, changes metadata (fakes GPS coordinates, add device details, etc), then changes picture filters such as brightness, contrast, saturation so the image itself will be a bit different because Instagram can still detect images that are the same but with metadata wiped out - you still need to work on the image itself by adding an extra pixel or better - adjust image filtering options. Also my tool scrapes alt text as well. I am scraping from Explore Page, Locations, Hashtags, Newsfeed, IGTV Popular feed, and account’s feeds.


Sick! Exactly something I’m looking for/trying to develop. I’ll dm you @pow

this can be auto added or we have to do it manually post per post wih image modifying tools ?

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you can do it manually with image modifying tools or have such tool :smiley:

what is this apps name?
can you share?

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It doesn’t have a name. It’s my own tool.

Is there anyway you can provide this tool for a monthly fee?

I’d be willing to do business with you if it’s proven to work effectively.

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Me too :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: interested For The tool

You can easily use for this Jarvee and reposting tool.

Working without issues.

Don’t you get PV and possible ban after posting? I’ve recently began getting PV then bans fro. Posting with fresh images and also reposting. Only with brand new accounts.

Its about scraping and finding viral content.

You can use Repost tool for collecting video’s without need of posting them. They are also already downloaded to your desctop if you send them to campain.

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