Virtual android on pc

I think about to setup vmware or an other virtualization software and to install a few Android instances, does anyone here has ever tried something like this and is the mac adress then good for manual work on social networks?

The best one in my opinion is Memu - .I use it regularly and it works amazingly. You can create multiple devices and change almost every setting such as device,phone number, cell carrier, IMEI, etc…

Another option is bluestacks -


Thanks will check this out! :call_me_hand:

Can you add proxies in this VMware?

I think yes but I need to read a lil bit more about this. Its totally new for me to run android on virtualbox or vmware.

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Yes you can :+1: -

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Sorry to sound like such a noob but what’s vmware

It is a virtual computer that runs on your pc, like having a computer inside of another.

Awesome thanks it is a winner :slight_smile:

you use it for account creation? I thougt popular website (ie IG) could detect these emeulators

I used to use emulators for account creation while using datacenter proxies and they all ran well.

I was running very aggressive F/U settings too.

However this was about a year ago, not sure if things have changed since then.

Nah , You can still do that.

We wish :wink:

I’m confused reading your response - you can still make accounts on emulators/datacenter proxies and run aggressive settings?

Or you wish you could but things have changed?

Wow, very surprised about that, really thought it was easy for them to track an emulator, well if that really the case, it the way to go, kinda easy to setup and cleaner than browser one.
Will try in the next days!

It’s not possible anymore. IG 12 months ago and now is a different world. You cant use datacentre ip’s for creating(only with some luck)

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While the emulators are still undetected?

I would be careful just modifying your wifi network to add a proxy. Only the browser uses those settings and Instagram can go around them and find out your real IP. I would use something else to use a proxy with Memu.

I created some IG accounts via MEMU/Bluestacks and both public IP’s and Tethered. All of them wanted a phone number immediately.

You can use zennodroid and the like if you wanted. I just downloaded Android Dev Studio and An older version of iOS X to see if I can make my own “phone”. Haven’t been working on it as I have too many things to do.

Memu/Bluestacks use super old versions of Android and I think thats the issue. Not many people creating IG accounts with a 7 year old phone.

emulators get detected – fyi


Yes, as @Alexnvo said, emulators get detected very easily, I wouldn’t recommend them at all, specially for account creation.