VPN / Proxy for Client Management | Account Creation not working on new phone / connection

Currently I am using 4G Proxies from @HenryCooper
I am using raw proxies for my niche pages and client ones for my personal brand account.

For my upcoming high-ticket client I am looking to
a) use automation only for F/UF
b) interact manually on a seperate phone

I currently do this with 3 Account on my local Wifi which results on my instagram bugging out often times.
Additionally I can’t even create new IG accounts using my local network, nor using 4G.
I instantly get banned and the email and username is blocked.

My dad wanted to create an IG account on his phone and asked me why his two accounts were banned before he even had accessed / logged into them. This indicates that my rotating WLAN is “flagged” because I run 3 accounts on our local WIFI.

To prevent the client accounts from being affected I planned the following:

  1. Setting-up a VPN Tunnel to their local Wifi Network.

  2. “Making a proxy” out of the VPN. <— is this technically possible? If so do I need to run the proxy on a seperate server that is connected to the VPN? I would ideally need a solution that replicates this for future clients. So I would like to run multiple instances

  3. Use the proxy I created to connect onto the local network in Jarvee for F/UF

  4. Use the VPN on a seperate account management phone with one IG account on a single cloned IG instance

This way I want to minimize the device usage and the “suspicious” activity. It’s just unnatural to have 3 phones logged-in into the same phone two of which are very close to each other and the third one using a 4G proxy in Thailand or Asia.

I’m open for ideas and would like to discuss this issue.



Seems your issue isn’t only experienced by you.

This thread shares somehow similar experience

And to answere your question.

You mention you are getting accounts blocked when using your residential connection, also when using your mobile. So already here I doubt it is due to flagged IP. This theory is confirmed when you say even your dad is having issues creating accounts on his phone. That is 3 different devices and 3 different networks used, unless your devices are connectef to your residential IP when trying to create accounts.

Instead of jumping into creating your own proxy, wouldn’t it be easier for you to share the same mobile proxy you will setup for automation with your costumer who may use it to do manual actions outside your automation hours or when your night mode is enabled.
As I understand this concerns only 1 account, so this could be a possibility.


so the setup is as follows:

iPhone 7 running 3 accounts on Wifi
Android Phone for client management (I tried 4g and wifi and got blocks)
My dads android phone was on wifi and was blocked (he used old emails, gmail and t-online)

The idea of sharing the proxy isn’t too bad. Didn’t think of this possibility. Might be worth looking into

This would be the solution with less hazzle atleast.

Also if you are able to, see if your dad can create an account from his 4G connection. If he fails with his old e-mail accounts, ask him to open a new account, not a g-mail. Anything else. And let him try again creating an account from his 4G connection. Hope this could help you

Maybe you can do the following:

  1. Buy an Android phone
  2. Buy new SIM to use with that phone
  3. Download and install the following app which will create a proxy server on your phone Makes your 4G as a proxy to use in anywhere
  4. Download Instagram and add client accounts
  5. Add client accounts to the automation tool using the proxy created with the app

In this way you will use the sape IP on your phone and on the automation tool

Yeah the problem is, that it’s not really scalable, especially if I want one 4g proxy per account

I am not creating accounts on a VPN :grinning: I am looking for a way to share IP’s for my automation tool, my mangement phone and the client’s phone.

4g proxy is not like VPN, the all network traffic is requested from your phone with allproxy client, so It is safe.

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Within the last few days I’ve tying to create multiple accounts utilizing several of the creation methods (mostly from BHW) and it’s been a hell of a journey!

I’ve used a brand new phone with a new number with a device changer/cloner app to open and create multiple IG apps at the same time but even spoofing my location I realized this method left some footprints.

I’ve used firefox and a brand new installed chrome with the same extensions but using my phone as a mobile proxy to create accounts. And it says ip flagged as open proxy.

I’ve tried using private proxies with firefox and trying to cover most of the footprints with add-ons such as WebRTC, cookies and ad blockers, anti-tracking; also using the responsive design mode and running the browser as an android, and even spoofing my timezone to match it with my proxy and again flagged as an open proxy

And today I’ve tried a brand new tablet with mobile data, downloaded the IG app and banned the account the 1st try!

I haven’t used my home network or personal phone data directly yet but it seems they banned my very own location!

I’ve created around 10 testings with all the methods but I need at least double the amount just to start my project. 5 of them created in the new mobile testing, one when changed location, another one when used private proxy+firefox, 2 of them recovered after being banned.

This is no joke guys, things with Instagram are getting tougher …