Want a team of 10 people without actually having 10 people? No-code is the answer

Of course, everyone would like to achieve the highest goals with the least amount of investment. One would say that the famous saying “less is more” can hardly be applied in terms of the people you need for your business.

Especially when we are just starting a business, we do not have the possibility of employing a large number of people or financial resources. In order to achieve that, a business must be developed and your brand must be positioned as much as possible, but that does not mean that there is no solution and that, say, 5 people should work as 30 people. It will not be effective at all. However, there is a solution.

In today’s world of modern technologies, we see that different technological possibilities provide numerous options on how to develop and run your business with a smaller team.

In short, you will hire technology to work for you. :blush:

No need to look like this anymore.

Very simply, with the help of hundreds of no-code platforms today, which above all, allow you to fully develop the systems you need for your job, without being a professional programmer or having to hire an IT expert.

Not only do no-codes provide the possibility that you don’t need a developer or that you need to have that knowledge, but with the help of these platforms, you can really solve something that you would otherwise really need 10 people for.

Of course, there are always questions: if you don’t pay the workers, then you pay for the applications, but that’s not really the case, because a good part of these platforms is free and has many benefits, even if some compensation is needed.

No-code platforms save you time and money

With no-code, you can enable interactive prototypes yourself, i.e., create and design online applications and tools.

No-code, first of all, means that you don’t need coding, for which you would have to have good knowledge and also a lot of time. So now you can solve your business problems without programming.

You’re probably wondering how the no-code platform can’t actually fulfill everything you need and may not be of the same quality as applications created by coding.

This is actually not true, because the whole story about the no-code platform actually refers to the processes in the background, i.e., the “foundations” on which the application is created, and not what the application does.

Let’s explain the difference between coding and no-code platforms.

So coding actually means strictly using a defined “language” that already exists in programming, and then a programmer or someone with expert knowledge, using that language, actually gives input or creates, that is, encodes an application.

In the case of the no-code platform, this defined “language” is a visual interface through which you actually determine what you want from the application without entering code. That implies the use of defined rules, or “languages,” that we mentioned.

No-code platforms allow you to create mobile or web applications and create a system that suits your way of working and needs for business improvement.

Applications that you create with the help of no-code platforms can not only be tailored to meet the needs of your business, but also be used to monitor the behavior of your target group, collect useful data through forms you can provide on your site, and enhance communication with your customers through newsletters and other options.

Here are some items that the no-code platform can solve for you:

  • Video material

An extremely important part of marketing is video, which today, after text, is one of the most interesting and receptive content types on social networks and can be created through no-code platforms. Plainly is one of the no-code platforms that allows you to create videos much faster than usual, allowing you to change the segments you want the way you want.

  • Communication with clients is just one click away

So here are a few examples: grouping contacts, designing emails, sending emails to, say, 1000 email addresses you have, which thanks to no-code platforms can be solved with one click, then analysis, data collection, storing this data, for which you would surely agree, you would need one person to deal with just that. This is what the app does for you.

  • Material storage

One of the most important items is definitely grouping and sorting all the materials you own. This would, of course, involve a lot of Excel spreadsheets, as well as thinking about who has access to which spreadsheet, where the material is located, and so on. In any case, it is a lot of work, not only for one person, but for several people. That is why no-code platforms offer the possibility of sorting and storing materials all in one place, as well as the possibility of determining who will have access to which content.

  • Analysis of the effects of your business and target groups

In order to further develop and develop your business, you need feedback on how you work, what you should improve and further develop, whether you focus on the target group in the right way and whether the content you place is adequate. All of this, of course, involves serious analysis, research, a million ways of search engines, and collecting and grouping that data. It is a job that involves hiring several people, but thanks to no-code platforms, you can activate the application for your needs and as it suits you.

  • Creating web pages

Of course, you do not exist without a website in today’s digital world, which is why it is very important to create such pages, which makes it much easier for you to create through the use of no-code platforms.

  • Do you know that you can also create your own assistant?

Believe it or not, no-code platforms also allow you to create your own assistant! In digital form, of course, but even this type of application can make your whole job easier.

Numerous other benefits are in front of you, and there are hundreds of no-code platforms that work for you in a fast and efficient way. You just need to explore them.

However, you should know that no-code platforms can not replace coding and that one does not affect the other. They work independently of each other, and you choose what is most suitable for you.

About the author

Nebojsa Savicic is the co-founder of Plainly, a no-code video generation tool. He writes about no-code workflows, video automation and startups.

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I would add bubble to the must have list for non coders online marketers :slight_smile:

For sure that no-coding platforms help save time for marketers and help them builts technical projects that require a developer, but if you are looking to builts something advanced, those platforms are limited and it will not help you with that, so sometimes a developer is needed for such projects.

Bubble’s nice but takes a lot of time to learn. I’ve been testing a lot of platforms and found Glide to be much easier to use, but have less functionality too.

BrowserFlow is one tool I use quite a bit that some people will find useful. They have a free plan and an extension that makes easy to record a workflow and automate a website without knowing any code. I’ve been using it mainly to scrape data but you could do a lot more with it, too.

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Most certainly, no-code platforms can make your life much easier, and it’s a good workaround if you don’t have enough resources to hire a lots of people on your project. Thanks for sharing :pray:

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Businesses have indeed evolved so much. A lot of companies used to hire professionals for this and some even studied coding. This is a new learning for me, thanks!

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Interesting topic. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: