Want to create the best hand made accounts? Here is how!

  1. Download multi parallel or any other similar app (Not cloners. Hence no app cloner as well)
  2. Clone Instagram inside multi parallel. Create an account
  3. Delete multi parallel.
  4. Turn on airplane mode for a few seconds and turn it off. To change our IP
  5. Install Multi parallel again
  6. Repeat!

Leaving aside all the technicalities, you can be sure that you get better accounts that anything that you can buy on the market! Time consuming though! Let me know your thoughts


Nope, you won’t be able to create more than a few accounts this way… :see_no_evil: but thanks for trying.

Yeah, after about 6-10 you will get into trouble fast or die within days. You can only have so many accounts per device ID

These apps mask the device IDs. That is how we are able to have tens of instances of apps like whatsapp etc.

Pretty sure multi parallel doesn’t mask anything. Creation is a lot harder. Have you tried making 50 in a day on the same phone? and do they last longer than a few weeks?

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Thanks for sharing, but yeah, that’s probably just a short-term solution.

did you try to use those handmade accounts as scrapers? If so, how long did they last?

no way those accounts will last long they will be detected easily, there few stuff that are good in your method but you need to change others.

is this way really useful or not?

The question will it be able to mask the IP or do you need proxies for this.

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You can rotate the ip using airplane mode. But the subnet will stay the same obviously. The main thing is the android ID and Device ID which IG can detect.

ig still let us to create accounts with emails …? i tried with outlook but not working .( on mobile app )

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Its very hard to create with emails. Best to use real sims

Airplane mode is changing the IP?

With Gmails, yes! With AOL, mostly yes. With other emails, its usually tricky.

thank you for the answer !
anyone here is able to create accounts using jv ig creator ?

yes it’s working fine on my side as well i’m able to create accounts using different ways

i tried many times to create with jv ig creation but no succes , i used emails outlook/gmail/phone numbers and mobile/residential ips but all accounts get captcha on the creation …i have a manual method that works , but is too slow and to much time consuming , so i need an automation method

but what happens after you fix the captcha from the browser does the account get created successfully?

nope , is asking for pva . but a new account shouldn’t ask for captcha i guess …