Warm Up After Ban - Needed?

Hi all,

I have hunted around and couldn’t find any specific information or explicit advice regarding this, so I was wondering if anyone had any insight.

I have just had an account banned and then subsequently reactivated.

It would be my guess that I was banned because I didn’t warm the account up properly initially. However I was wondering if anyone has experience with being banned on a fairly new account and then just running with the same settings as before?

Part of me wants to just test it by running the same settings but the other part of me kinda doesn’t want it to be get banned again.

I have heard that once an account is reactivated it is “stronger” - not sure how accurate this is.

Look forward to hearing from you!

sorry, don’t want to steal your thread, but how do you got it reactivated? do you asked to IG? or they just reactivated it?


Heard that too but never tested it out of fear to get it banned again.
Maybe someone can share their experience.


That was kinda true in the past. Now not likely …

As @Alexnvo pointed out. Probably a year ago they were really bulletproof. Those things changed. In the past 2fact made spam accounts also bullet proof, that is also gone.

Hint, there is still - and probably always will be - nice loopholes. So research is still worth it :slight_smile:


me too… i find if only follow, it will not banned too quickly. but if i share the post, then account must be ask for verified… and then if you share post sucesully, and don’t change the tag in the future… if you change the tag, and verified required coming soon…
i have no any idear, ~~~~

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So I have just had another account banned despite @MojoJojo wishing me a ban free week! HAHAH

This time all I did was add the account to the system on proxy, authenticated and changed profile details and then the next day, account was banned. I did try to do a repost but I’m sure it was banned before that action took place. I used a bought aged account for this particular profile (may step away from doing this in the future).

So i have requested for it to be reactivated so fingers crossed I get it back.

Now this is where the good news comes in, If i get it back I am just going to hammer it to test this whether or not a reactivated account is “strong”.

Will keep you all posted on my findings.

PG - Making mistakes so you don’t have to.

I think that 2FA may still improve the account trust score.
Saw a post from a “legit/normal” user on a FB group saying that he had PVs every day for a long time. They almost disappeared when he turned on 2FA.

Not at a large scale. Especially some of the 2FA problems with Jarvee are annoying.

How can you do a 2Fa at a large scale? considering that you might be using temporary phone number.

As simple as it sounds, don’t use a temporary. There is plenty of options out there.