We got a request to reset your Instagram password!


From the title, you could assume what is this topic about.

But I just wanted to check with the community overall if anyone else is having/experiencing the same or similar situation.

The thing is, in the last month on some of my bigger accounts(100k+), they are all older than 3 years, no automatization at all on them for a very long period of time.

So far, on 4 of them, I received this email from IG:

"Hello @

We got a request to reset your Instagram password.

If you ignore this message, your password will not be changed. If you didn’t request a password reset, let us know."

I can confirm that I didn’t ask for any password reset at all.

What do you think guys, is this could be some kind of profiles hijack attempt or could be just some kind of IG verification thing?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you!

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I got the same yesterday for one of my account 3k followers. It wasn’t me who requested the password reset. Anyone else?


Change your emails and reset your passwords. Someone may be trying to get into your accounts. Was this message through email or in app? Even if it’s from email check if it’s actually Instagram themselves.

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Why would you change your email? Makes no sense


Same here got it twice on a personal account with 100k+. Just activated two factor verification. Finish


Just something I’ll personally do just to ensure the account is secure.

@Thandir Changing the OG email to a new one to cause trouble later on with people ‘Help, I cant access my account anymore blablabla’. The only useful thing although it seems like someone might just be automating these ‘forget passwords’ would be to change the password of your email (if you feel like you’re at risk and the IG password but then again as said above 2FA should be safe). Changing contact info will cause trouble later on for sure.

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I also got on many accounts.
Also the emails come from “security@mail.instagram.com
but when i actualy change the password the email comes from “no-reply@mail.instagram.com
Is security@mail.instagram.com a legit IG email?


I got it too. On my bigger accounts.
I think 2 factor authentication is the best option for us.

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Got it yesterday. It’s a fake one, I also got it in the past on some of my emails that were never even connected to Instagram in any way.

Hmmm, nope I think it’s not fake…I just checked via IG app and it’s recorded that they have sent this email directly.

Check the email from which is send. Is it really some of the IG official emails. Also if someone types your username and tries to input some random passwords without success, get prompt "did you forget your password, do you want to change it could send that email, even if you didn’t ask for it. That is just a few ways of scammers try to get to your account. Lots of people don’t even check for it just click yes which allows them to change password, log in and then change email so goodby to your account. If you didn’t ask for it just skip email and forget about it. But always check from which email you get anything that includes your accounts.

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Hey @Bojan_Simovic,

Thank you for your reply.

I did check and email address is VALID 100%, it also has been recorded on the app that someone has requested a password to be changed.

So far I never clicked to change it, I just ignored it.

PS Wait, how does it allow them to change the password when I do have to click on the link from an email and to change the password, right?

Its been a while since i “change password” or even do the “forget password” thing. But it goes something like this:

Once they/you enter the wrong password they get prompt that said something like this “Did you forget your password. Do you want to change it.” Once they/you click “Yes” it said, “An email is sent to (example) b*******c@gmail.com or yahoo or whatever you used.”

That’s why you get an email from the official IG email. If you ignore it than your safe.

Imagine how many ppl don’t understand and they just click change. Most scammers are relying on ppl lack of knowledge about IG and try to exploit it. Now, I’m not exactly sure are they possible to change your password even if you click, because you are the one who gets the “enter new password” prompt once you click on that link, but they do have some way of doing it.

Advice for anyone who will read this: If you ever get in a situation where you get the email that includes your profiles, not just IG, always check the source of the email, then if you didn’t do anything to ask for a change or update or anything else, don’t click it. Just ignore it or delete it.


No don’t do this! This could be a an email to obtain your information. I recommend doing nothing. I received 4 of these and no one sent this request.

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you check in the instagram app if the mails are sent from instagram itself or from a third party scammer. I received > 50 mails during the last 48 hours about password reset and they are all legit and from instagram. There is someone bruteforcing or whatever he is trying… glad I have 2FA

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Yeah, same is here.

Today on one of my accounts I received 6/7 emails in just 5 minutes from IG(legit emails) telling me that I asked for password reset.

The only thing that is different this time is text in email:

“You can limit password reset emails or let us know”

What is your opinion? Not to click on any of it and just ignore emails or?

that glitch is back, just ignore it. On some account, I go to the password section, hit change then cancel – helped remove some of those damn notifications.

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over 200 emails


Wow! Hmmm, what the hell is going on here…but let’s hope it’s just a glitch like @Alexnvo said :grinning:

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