Website got blocked and then unblocked



I am wondering if anyone else got their website blocked yesterday and then got it unblocked today. That just happened to me. I did write to the support, but i am not sure if that had anything to do with the unblock. I checked other websites that are in my niche and some of them were also blocked and when I checked them again, they are now unblocked. Has anyone any clue what’s up with that?


which social network are you talking about ls specify


I am talking about Pinterest.


They are testing the new algo changes to clean up the platform from spammers and bots, but got unlucky wiping out even white-hat accounts. Today they have problems with down-times across all network. I think they are in PMS mode this period of the month.


I am also seeing a drop of traffic from Pinterest. Getting about 4 times less traffic than before.