Well buyaccs site got busted lol ( pix of the operation )

its in foreign language but take a look at the pix i know alot of you used to uses this site to buy accs stay safe out there


I don’t get it. What did they do wrong? Sell social media accounts?

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Selling accounts is illegal?
They do have a lot of sim cards in the pics though, so someone may have used their service in something related to terrorism which could have sparked the investigation.


they were a middleman platform for accs they had all sorts of accounts even cracked accounts

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If they were the middle man who was the actual supplier? The main seller website

they had hand full of suppliers i believe that built and created em and used his platform to resell kind of like deer.io lol its been seized recently


how can you “crack” a social media account?

get a combo list and put it in your checker, gov starting to crack down on it lol

oh like hack accounts?

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yea that’s what it is

ohhh sorry hahaha

I do not see any connection between the buyaccs.com website and the things they confiscated. It seems that they found a lot of modems, a lot of simcards, probably used for a SMS verification service.

I never saw that they offered that kind of service on the buyaccs.com website. If they offered this kind of service they would have advertised it. Buyaccs is an old website with a lot of traffic, it would be the most logical thing to do to get more clients. But they didn’t. Maybe because what we see on the photos is not their business?

The website also works normally…


yes correct maybe they had their own PVA service they did for their partners/ resellers we never know the bigger picture

that looks serious. they should not have sold cracked accounts.

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welcome to Black Hat

All the pics are related to mobile proxies and sms verification services.

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damn they had a lot of stuff there… not sure how illegal it was though but i guess for people that don’t understand what they were doing might seems fishy…


Yeah, I don’t get it as well… Maybe hacked account…

@Young @Jaha, cracking them like a coconut and drinking what’s inside :joy: :joy: :joy:


Yeah, drinking their souls :smiley: :smiley: