What Are Your Thoughts On Using Shoutcart.com To Promote Your IG Clients?

Hey everyone, i’m trying to be a bit more active on here and was curious as to your experiences with utilizing shoutcart.com to grow your IG client accounts.

I’d like to start trying different methods of growth besides f/uf and thought to start looking at purchasing shout outs from well established/performing pages. What kind of results have you seen if you have tried shoutcart.com and or other sites that provide a similar service? Please try to provide as much detail about your experience as possible to help anyone else with similar questions.

Also, if you have any other recommendations other than shoutcart.com that have worked for you in regards to growth via shout outs please feel free to share.

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You’ll need to learn how to identify fake followers and engagement, as many people just fake everything in order to reach the 10,000 follower threshold.


What do you use and or do you have any tips as to how to identify fake followers/ engagement other than the obvious spam comments.

I wouldn’t reccomend you that website for shoutouts, as a good part of the accounts have fake followers or fake engagement.

If I were you, I would use the IG reccomendations to see other accounts that are similar to your client’s one.

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So you are saying to us recommended accounts that IG shows when visiting my clients accounts and then reaching out to those accounts and creating a relationship that could result in a paid shout out for my client…?

Yep. IG reccomendations are great tool that nobody use.

You can even use it to aquire new clients!

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That is pretty good advice! I use them for finding new targets sometimes but will have to give it a shot to find accounts to do shout outs… What kind of results have you seen from shout outs?

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A good starting point is to run the influencer accounts through some kind of fake follower audit tool like this one: https://hypeauditor.com/en/

I would also manually review the accounts that pass those automated tools before buying anything.


Yes ,if the shout-out comes from someone who really aligns with your brand image, has great credibility and a fan base that is highly engaged and of course offers it at an affordable rate.

These are some exceptions if not than IMO, not worth it.

Especially if you don’t know the demographics of the user. If you are really interested in influencer marketing, find people who have followers that you want to hit. You can use sites like www.hyprbrands.com to analyze their following and see if it actually worth it


I have never used them! I prefer to invest the money into creating new child accounts haha.

But my sincere advice is that you have to contact micro influencers (10-30k followers), as their audience might be more real and they shouldn’t be penalized by IG.

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Great advice thank you!

What kind of results have you seen via shoutouts?

Good stuff @alossra!!!

Have you had any results utilizing the shout out methods? Thanks for all of you input!!! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:

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Haha ok no worries thanks for jumping on here and giving your 2 cents. Much appreciated my friend!

The M/C method is something im looking forward to digging into. (On a side note) Are there any resources you may be about to share that could really help me learn the basics on M/C


didn’t know that you don’t know about the mother child method will i thought you knew it
well it’s way much better than buying shutout as you will be the shutout seller if you bot accounts :smiley:

you definitely need to checkout the post ill tag you in! after you watch the video Bellow ! :


Yeah, check the video that Alossra put, to learn the basics. And here you have a few links I founds related to your question that might be very usefeul:


https://igaudit.io/ is a FREE alternative, doesn’t have near the amount of features as hypeauditor though


@alossra @cacats DAMN GUYS!!! thanks so much for the help. Yeah I have solely focused on F/UF method over the last few years. Given the recent events I need to start implementing other tactics. Should have spent more time on year when i originally found it hahaha. Thanks again guys!

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Thanks so much @grown I really appreciate the help!

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You’re welcome!

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Hey for anyone that is checking out hypeauditor.com as recommended by @goodtimes…I just signed up and they gave me a promo code that gives you and myself 3 free credits when entered. Feel free to use it if you want more reports to test before buying. It looks like a great platform so thanks for the recommendation

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