What could be possible solutions?

Hey so i’ve came across this tool and it looks like it could do the job but the thing is… it costs 20$ for more then 2 accounts ? My goal is to start making money with IG but as i’ve tried marketing before i know there is no way i can earn 20$ first month , and as guy in bhw said it’s not that easy to find a good niche that actually converts to money so… if i go for the 10$ version with 2 accounts it will take years to test and rebrand if doesnt work … i hope i wont get banned but maybe there is some free tools that you’ve used before ? I was googling for few days now but cant find anything good enough free. (By free i dont mean it must have every feature that mp gives you! , i know it’s developed constantly and support and all that , but i would be ok with something that does follow/unfollow/like ?) Yes it’s bit of idiotic to ask it here but cant figure out any other solution. I just dont want to be -70$ down and wasted 6months.
Care to explain if i cant ask question like this here

There is no sure thing in life,you need to take risks to expect something in return.
There are 3 types of people in life:
1). people who never start because they are afraid of failure.
2). people who start but give up after they fail.
3). people who never give up.
You have to decide wich kind of person you are.
Let me just say that there isn’t any free tool that works for social media.Social media is always upgrading/changing so what works today might not work tomorow,and you WON’T find a free tool that gets updated/pached every few days to keep up with the changes.
MP license for unlimited accounts costs 20$/month.
Just remember 6 months from now you might regret you didn’t start 6 months ago.
good luck


It sucks ass at begginning… used to use some russian tool , it worked fine but the developer gave up on it and it drops some sort of error right now. I’m in the same boat right now 500$ only left to make it work as i think i wont spend more on this if it’s not going to work out just throw the idea out of my mind and move on. Goodluck btw.

what is the name of that tool u used?

not going to name it here… btw if it worked i’d use it myself but instead i’m sticking here so … sadly no free tool yet and you have to keep loosing that money no matter how fucked up it is to do something and only see your paypal dropping in numbers. But hey you might be better then me in this bs so i suggest you taking a risk.

sad news for me ok i understand it

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you know… it takes money to make money.

If you aren’t willing, or able, to drop $20 / month to get started then what can you really expect? Sit here kicking the tires trying to find a shortcut & never even get started… or take a leap of faith & see what happens. At least you tried.

You can have 3 accounts on your phone, use your fingers. They’re free.


would be cool if there was someone to hire and he sits you down and shows you step by step what you need to do to start earning :smiley:

it is, it’s called doing it manually and I am not really joking with this. The best thing you can do is do it manually, yes, it will take some time but it will be free, that way you will learn a lot, strategy, what works and what doesn’t, how to do certain thing and how to make money. If you manage to do it manually and also make some cash you can then successfully scale it with the use of a tool like MP.

even if you had the money to invest, you still need the training, knowledge and actually doing it to learn otherwise you’ll end up like many that try it, fail, blame the tool and move to doing something else.

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70$ ? you got big discount and complain ? Mp worth a lot more than what you think-you can make a ton of $ if used clever , with follow and like it’s not so easy to get the traffic you want(know many doing it)and using 2 accounts ??? get 200 and split them 20 / niche when one bunch of 20 works direct all to that niche and it’s done , using some posts to attract targeted audience.Going to do it soon you will see my results , just need to finish some other stuff before that.May you lose the first 6 month and the other 6 take the $ x 20 back

The like for no 3 , haven’t think about it till now ! ha !

A no ! the Difficult part is … IF you Win All the Time , Will you Stop ??? That is my question really

" just throw the idea out of my mind" - I totally get you , it stucks to the head and better to lose than those “regrets” to stay in.Will also Kill it Till the Bitter end.-

That’s pretty much this forum. There is so much free and useful information, just search for it, read all of it. Ask good questions. The posts are not a “Google Search”.

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You lost then , your mind becomes useless , whenever then a new problem occurs(will always happen in life) you will seek help and depend 100% on other’s than yourself , totally disagree.

no not really. i mean, just imagine how much you can charge such clients. they know nothing, and you know some. 200$ an hour isn’t too bad.

It’s all about business.


Say it a lie…

Hey there!
Don’t worry I know how you feel. When I first started out late last year on OGads, I didn’t have any money to get massplanner or any bot so I did it manually. It only take a few minutes or an hour to just follow people. After I got my first payout, I then invested on massplanner.

About the bot you talked about, why not just get massplanner instsgram edition? It’s $17/mth and lets you add unlimited accounts(depending on your com specs too).


was it hard to find targeting and niche that works with ogads ?

Nope, I didn’t really research anything. I just give it a try since I had nothing to lose.

I agree with @florin22xxl’s post. I was number 1, I never did started because I’m afraid, most people are afraid to take risks. But just go for it, do it manually and you have nothing to lose. Most people would say this and that niche is saturated etc but hey, most of the stuffs is saturated in the internet so just try and error and if one didn’t work out for you, you can go to next one with a much better knowledge.

Think about it this way,
would you rather waste some time researching on a niche which you are unsure it will 100% profit you or would you rather try it and learn so your next one will be much better?

When i first started out in OGads, I was using free followers like what most people say its saturated. But it still work out well and I learned from mistakes made and from testing things out. :slight_smile: Hope everything will work out well for you my friend.

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