What do you do after you get a client account compromised?

What do you do after you get a client account compromised? got 2 clients compromised for the first time, what actions should I take now, how much time until I will log it to J again, how to warm up to avoid another message, Is the compromised message coming back for the second time? etc. etc.


just change the password of profile

No one knows. Yes, it will come back. If you start activity again, you’ll also receive 7 day hard block. Yes, you will receive it again unless you change something. That something we don’t know.

I’ve just been telling clients that we’re going to stop working on their accounts for the meantime while we look into the issue and keep them updated. Some see the message and get very worried and just cancel.

Just stop working on the accounts once you see compromised message. Try switching to EB only with your current clients. Run tests on your accounts and try changing things up. IG is detecting us somehow.

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I have try change many things but AC msg just keep coming back. I really have no idea why. Now it’s hitting some of my accounts for the second time. Very difficult to keep a client if this keep going but I have not yet find the root that’s causing this! I think it should be in the settings, as I get hit by AC msg with both EB only and Switch to EB when api blocked!

Or maybe it’s the proxy? I am using 4G 1:1. I’ll start testing other proxies and share back the result.


Change the password, rest it for a day or two, and try to do some manual actions.

I stopped the acc for a week… Still waiting. Then restart very slowly.

At this point just cry a little :joy::joy::sob::sob:

Well i dont think it is a smart idea to run accs on EB, and it is even worse to use both API and EB. I also got a few slave accounts compromised, what I have done is let the account rest for 2 days and turn all the actions back without warmup. 2 days left since and no hard block. However I dont recommend others do this, I still have to test it on other accs as well.

So you think only api is the way to go?
Does that mean in advance profile setting just don’t tick anything? That will be only API?

Are you not getting any blocks using only api ?

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Change countries :slight_smile:

I think API is the only way to go m8. Just try and think outside the box here. Imagine youre the guy who designed teh IG algorhythm. You see this account that logs in the normal way and then all of the sudden it starts logging in through encoded browsers to perform those actions. It leaves a footprint i think and doesnt help with your trust score at all. Dont make your settings agressive, have breaks, set up intervals. dont unfollow at the same time, do it the next day. run through a mobile connection and make sure your locations match. Everything is working for me so far. I performing 100Likes/Follows/day without blocks.


I agree completely, what people do you know that scroll Instagram all day on their computer? Barely. OP I would stick to using the API and just utilize a lot of rests and take it slowly building up your settings.

Depends per person I guess. If I do API my accounts get AC within 2 days, have been using EB only now and no AC problems for now. Been about 1,5 week.

This worked for me - only one client like this.

As @JakeCOYS is saying, I wouldn’t recommend to use EB only.

I’m using Mobile 4G proxies, 10:1 ratio. EB only accounts got AC message, “use only API to save bandwidth” still working fine without any error.

Keep in mind to disable: “Optimize calls for API requests”, this will avoid 80% temporal blocks.


We are in the same boat…

EB is for sure easy to track.

But the API is fucked as well thats a fact, something has changed with Api actions thats why the devs are looking for ways to not get API blocked.

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Im running 120 actions per day on API without a single block


STrange thing happening today.
JArvee says one account is compromised, so I usually go to the EB and follow the instructions in order to change the password.

Today, by the way, it is possible to use the account inside the EB…so it’s not compromised really but Jarvee says it is…

Any guess?

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Tried to turn Jarvee off and on again?

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