What do you do other than IM. What is your 9-5 Job?


I don’t flip homes but empty plotes. When someone offers new plotes in a area i buy them and after few months or a year i sell them on high prices.


I’m a pentester/malware analyst. Internet Marketing is my second job.


graduated in brand mgmt some months ago. actually got 20 clients but looking to reach 100 in mgmt.


Grinding finance daily


I engineer at a recording studio. Most of time for shitty pay


Honesty and self awareness is an asset. Hope you have plenty of resources to lose and that you don’t need to suffer.


Working for Instagram. I’ll report all of you.


A spy from mark zuckerberg :smirk:


i’m currently a student .


My part time job is IM. My full time job is to spend those IM money. :sunglasses::moneybag::moneybag:

Joke aside, I’m actually a college student lol.


Having a boring offline bizz in dynamic financial strategys for local goverments…


do you need an employee ? :smile:


you really dont want to live in boring Netherlands;)


Ex Samsung product manager, now Fashion Designer.


Life is so hard :’)


I used to run several bars for years, switched to IM full-time since January :slight_smile:


High profile basket weaver for the stars!


Studied industrial management but was never really interested in optimizing production processes and material flows. Worked one year as head of marketing for an industrial software company. Figured out for me it’s not a good deal working in a company about 4 years ago and started my own company offering branding, webdesign, graficdesign and copywriting.


Working as network systems technician(half time), programming and other stuff. Never get bored with MPsocial community


I do this full time. We also offer Public Relations and Content Marketing services.