What do you think of TikTok?


I don’t know if I published in the right section. I was thinking according to you TikTok could become an excellent source of business … It is continuing to grow … maybe with some good automation and an excellent strategy you can get unexpected results … what do you think?


There is a good discussion going on for a while now, ciao!


thank you brother. I had not seen her.


They deleted my daughters account. Hate them.


Think it’s a good place to go viral - just need to be able to scrape the right people


Yeah, I think we should use the platform for spamming now, untill it becames saturated.


I have meaning to delve more into TikTok. It us super popular and seems like an untapped source


yes i was also talking with my buddy who is also AI developer made bot for discord before for TikTok working bot we’ll start working this coming month on it