What Happening on Pinterest?

Hi All,
I would like to learn that what is happening on pinterest.
I create accounts manually and boards too.
I repined to all my boards at least 10 pin.
I start to follow accounts in limits per day.

But I couldn’t see any follow back or any action on the new accounts.

Old accounts growing is stoped also.

What changed on pinterest? Is there anybody help to me please?

In the mass planner dashboard, can you see if it’s running and mp is operating the actions?

Just look through all the Pinterest posts, others are having the same problems and it is not Mass Planner related.

I see this is not a problem Mass Planner related but I just wondered that why my accounts not growing and also stoped to grow too.
So can we say that Pinterest traffic is not impossible anymore for new accounts?
Because I know that follower count is a factor for your pins viewable and rank, right?

i dont think anyone really knows whats going on with pinterest or what to do about it, personally im just continuing with my old strategy until things calm down

i think the “tried it” button is starting to become a big factor interms of engagement, especially since they got rid of the like button.

everything on pinterest is slow too, if you track your pins you’ll probably notice you’re getting traffic from stuff you did months ago

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I stoped the schedules of my accounts because I scared to be banned.
I checked my followed persons profiles that I couldn’t see myself in their followers list, I think this is the cause of small amount of follow back ratio. Pinterest starting to push marketers to use their promoted pins section, so they hide pins share counts, boards and pinner informations. They also removed pin description section for supply more traffic to buyable pins, e-stores etc. Because buyable promoted pins are not seems as natural as real persons pins.

Now I will restart my account campaigns again and I hope everything goes to be good as before.

Interesting. When did you notice this change?

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This started almost 2 weeks ago,
I saw that my old pinterest accounts lost a lof followers in a day, ( example: 7500 followers goes down to 4150)
So I think to create new pinterest accounts for any baned problem on old accounts,
I created new 5 accounts and scheduled them for repin, follow, like.
After one day I checked the new accounts that there is not any followers with 120 pins and 250 followed counts.
I checked my old accounts that they only get 2-3 new followers.
So I combined the pieces that Pinterest last updates for make an Advertisement website more than a social media platform.
If you are a simple Pinterest user, you can search recipes, following the last fashion trends etc. but if you are an internet marketer, you can not get the traffic to your website with your pins anymore, your sharing is nothing for pinterest because They(Pinterest) taste of the money with buyable and promoted pins.

They closed the doors that delivers your pins to millions of people.
These of my thoughts, maybe I should try the Instagram for my Blogs after to see this.


MP for IG and FB is dead. PInterest changing its alghorithm. Damn, and I was thinking to start pinterest marketing :confused:

Non of my Pinterest accounts are logging with MP at the moment.

Really not sure what’s going with Pinterest but I hope it sorts itself out…

Same here. Getting the login error message “#email missing from the page!”

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I’ve noticed an issue with Pinterest like 2 weeks ago and reported it to them. I gained new followers, but my follower stats kept resetting to the same number, the next day.
They said others have reported this issue and are working on it. They’re definitely working on their algorithms and how they handle the following thing…

I stopped growing on Pinterest as well, for two months now… Very slow growth if any…

I’m still not sure what has changed, my follow sources are highly targeted but I barely get any followbacks or traffic. Probably gonna dump Pinterest soon!

Just mark your accounts as VALID. It happened to me yesterday when the global ransomware attack started. When you mark the accounts as VALID they will continue to execute their operations.

Good idea is that.

I was just leaving 'em alone, hoping they’d sort themselves out.

That said, I finally did and they’re all working again.

how I can make my accounts VALID ?

Select the account from social profiles and check ‘mark as valid’ option from right bottom menu

BTW, is anyone experiencing issues with unfollow on MP? Most of my accounts are not unfollowing in the last couple of weeks.

Yeah, I’ve had a same issue.

I have to keep turning it back on again.

Does’t seem to be solving the problem, though

Yes and follow on pinterest accounts won’t stay turned on - a bit like my ex-wife