What I can resell/promote through cold traffic?

Hey guys, im wondering what i could resell/promote through cold emails? I’m able to inbox emails and im thinking what service/product i could resell. Please, let me know your ideas!

So far i was just trying to promote an instagram growth service, but im thinking of other ideas. So let me know !

Have you looked into affiliate marketing. Click bank etc

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I’m guessing you didn’t like the ideas you got in your previous thread… What can you sell through cold emailing? Any ideas?

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You mean the previous threads?

OP have been asking the same questions over and over for months now, he may have created 15 threads now lol


Try to investigate a bit on platforms where users are looking for freelancers. There are a lot of clients that are looking for resellers. Especially commission-based contracts.

head over to fiverr, maybe you will get some ideas of what services you can resell from there, you can also resell those services or join their affiliate program.

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do you know any good platforms for cold email affiliate marketing? any guides you’d recommend to look at?

you mean that i should look at platforms like fiver try to resell their service? let me know

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There’s heaps of courses etc on affiliate marketing. Try google amazon affiliate or clickbank courses. Will be some on udemy and skillshare to get you started and if you are good at finding stuff you maybe able to find paid courses for free.

Yeah, there are users that are looking for resellers of their services/products on social media, booking a call for them etc.

Digital Marketing services as well as website development services.
1 out of 10 looks and need these services.

Just as the others have said, there are ways