What I'm doing wrong?

I started with IG + OGads, free followers niche, find some ‘good’ sources, had the link in my bio. Im running just 3 accounts for testing, and in the last 3 days I followed 1500 + likes, my traffic yesterday was 16 clicks to my pre-lander, 3 click got to ogads. I have friends that get 2$/per account with this method. Today I started to comment on the last post after I follow, 100 limit, to see if this get me somewhere with my traffic or my account will get banned. Any ideeas ? Is this good ? It’s time to add more accounts ? What you guys are saying ?

Thank you all!

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Well, with regards to the comment, I suggest you make a deeply nested comment that can spin out many different comments. I just made a post about the time I spent making one so I won’t go into too much detail, but it has helped me gain engaged users and target via geo-location with multiple comments. My one comment has 1.46e+33 variations. :slight_smile: Definitely worth putting some effort into.

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Thank you for fast answer.
I did use spintax with my comment, got around 5-6 combination, I think is good for now, just to test things out. Later I will try to get this to higher combination.

Yup :slight_smile:

Just to help you out, here’s a starting point:

{|{:ok_hand:{|🏾|🏻|🏽|🏼|🏿}|:heart_eyes:|:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:|:exclamation:|:open_mouth:|:gem:|:slight_smile:|:bangbang:|:clap:{|🏾|🏻|🏽|🏼|🏿}}|{:ok_hand:{|🏾|🏻|🏽|🏼|🏿}|:heart_eyes:|:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:|:exclamation:|:open_mouth:|:gem:|:slight_smile:|:bangbang:|:clap:{|🏾|🏻|🏽|🏼|🏿}}}} {|{||{{Hi|Hey|Hiya}{{!||{!|.}}| @[USERNAME]{!||.}| [FIRSTNAME]{!||.}}}|{{@[USERNAME]| [FIRSTNAME]}{!||.}}}} {{G|G|G|g}reat|{C|c}ool|{S|s}uperb}{{{!||.}| {{{p|{p|{P|p}}}ost|{m|{m|{M|m}}}aterial|{p|{p|{P|p}}}ic}{!||.}}}| {{{p|{p|{P|p}}}ost|{m|{m|{M|m}}}aterial|{p|{p|{P|p}}}ic}{!||.}}} {|{:ok_hand:{|🏾|🏻|🏽|🏼|🏿}|:heart_eyes:|:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:|:exclamation:|:open_mouth:|:gem:|:slight_smile:|:bangbang:|:clap:{|🏾|🏻|🏽|🏼|🏿}}}{||{:ok_hand:{|🏾|🏻|🏽|🏼|🏿}|:heart_eyes:|:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:|:exclamation:|:open_mouth:|:gem:|:slight_smile:|:bangbang:|:clap:{|🏾|🏻|🏽|🏼|🏿}}}

Hope this helps ! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Provided a better example

EDIT 2: Here’s a link to an introductory guide I wrote on deeply nested and modular spintax: Using Deeply Nested & Modular Spintax (With Example)


damn that’s a lot of work. I will get in to it right now! Also please tell me, in my niche now many comments/day it is safe to do ?
Thank you, really thank you for this!

Honestly, others may be better able to answer that question, as I’m pretty new to using Mass Planner. My ideology around this has come down to: “how would a human looking to make this work for (company/private use) do it?”

Thank you for everything.
About your question, kinda simple really. Grow profile, contact company, rent the profile if this is the case. Or just grow a big profile, get a website going on with some reviews on products and bank. A lot of ways to get IG working for everybody, hard but possible like every other method out there. You just have to set your goals, MONEY or FAME ? Maybe both.

3 accs are nothing really if you consider that this is niche is saturated on instagram. It’s like you are doing clash of clans niche with youtube.

Use your imagination,research a little bit, every day there is something new.

I see every day threads like this with people who use followers niche with like 10 accs and eventually get fed up and quit becouse they can’t earn shit.

I know, but if i can’t get .30-1$/per account I wil add more. This is just a test, testing things. I don’t expect to earn $$$ big time from this, just some test accounts, chill out.

I open this topic for research, maybe some people will be willing to share something, like Patrick.P and I learn something more from this.
Thanks for reply.