What im going to do

hello everyone

sorry for my bad english

first i want to thank the owner of MPsocial idea its really amazing and useful and i dont think that i need to read much again in any forum and waste much time hearing stupid ideas or newbie

i have been left making money from google adsense and this stuff for like year now since facebook start to act crazy and keep banned all the accounts i was making like 1000 usd to 1500 usd per month and now im working as freelancer and i making well money and reall MassPlanner has help me alot in my work as social media specialist but last 24 hours i been on MPsocial reading and notice that there hope and i can make money from social networks again and really thank you everyone for sharing tips and idea and try to answer each other questions

so for now im going to use 2 methods i have read it here
first one for @Adnan for Cpa work and also can be for make sales for some products
and @Said method for getting traffic from groups

i will buy new modules for my MP like unlimited account module as first one
and what else i will need

i have like 150 facebook aged account i will use like 30 facebook accounts and 20 instagram accounts for both methods
what type of VPS i do need for this because the vps i do use now not really good its just 4GB ram

and also which best place to get proxy from

and is there any other tips from anyone to me?
thank you everyone


Glad seeing you taking action. 1k a month is really good, looking forward on posting what you were doing to make that much. Also, you can check this out for vps http://www.massplanner.com/knowledgebase/recommended-vps/

thank you @euhero
sure i will make topic about it

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welcome @Fox glad to have you with us, it’s good that everything we have here so far inspired you to take action and believe it can be done again. Because it really can be done, you just need to take it easy and know what you’re doing. If you wish more help you can even start a journey on the forum, detail more what you want to achieve and your resources ( of course you can keep the niche for yourself) - this way others will help along the way with all the questions you might have.

thank you so much @Johnny

how’s it going @Fox, any news, need any help from the community?

hello johnny didnt started yet
got much open projects in freelancer and upwork need to done some of them first to be free for my plan
in next 2weeks will be ready to start
thank you for asking