What is Clickscrowd? We are a Unique Pay-Per-Click network


add me on skype stojan2009


Do you handle telegram instead??


No, I am afraid not… You need Skype to be able to get support from us.


UPDATE 2/4/2019 - We are glad to announce that we upgraded click pay rate of all our affiliates to $1 per click starting February 2019.

Still haven’t tried to earn by sending clicks? You can start here -> SIGN UP



Time to get again on the spam boat then Stojan! :grin:
Let me finish some of my projects and I will join you again.

Do you still have the work from home campaign or is there something else available too now?


Hey @WannaCryyy, great to see you here :wink:

Everything stays the same for now offer wise… We are currently working on optimizing everything… Our next move is to prepare the ground for adding more new offers… Probably we are going to start with Health niche soon… Since we offer a unique pay-per-click system it just takes a while to prepare offers for that kind of payment model.

Looking forward working with you again


Totally understand. Curious to see what will new offers be like and can’t wait to work with you again, I have very positive memories about your platform and the customer service.

See you soon :slight_smile:


Just applied, wondered if responding here would help you notice. Thank you for posting this to the public, I have been needing a new network for a while


Hey Zachxhobbs … I’ve sent you a PM