What is scraper page and it’s uses?

Guys I am new to this thing and I was wondering if anyone could help me with scrape account thing I don’t know a thing about this. What is it? And what is it use for? Please help

You should check out this thread Scrapers Accounts for Jarvee - Full guide -July 2020 👊 It has lots of information about scraper.

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Scraper account will basically do the dirty job for your Main account. :smiley: It will scrape instead of your main account and it will reduce the number of API calls that will be executed from your main account. But for further explanation you can check the thread that @ossi mentioned and other threads on that topic on the forum, you can use the search field.

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Thank you very much I appreciate it​:slight_smile::slight_smile:

Thankyou I appreciate it alot​:grin::slight_smile:

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Can you please tell me what will we be doing with scraping the information? I mean I uses sorry for newbie question will be grateful please help me with this one
You have been replying to almost all of my queries thanks a lot for helping me clearing my doubts till now Thankyou very very much

This is an interesting concept! I’ve been scraping with Vurku but this looks different I will check it out!

When you don’t have a scraper account, your main account makes API Calls to scrape to find users to follow or posts to like and comment, then it makes API Calls to do the actual actions (follow/like/comment etc).

We want the main account to make as fewer as possible API calls to avoid the blocks by having scraper accounts. When you have scraper accounts, the follow/like/comment actions are done your main account, and the scrapings are done by your scraper accounts.

You mean scraping using the Scrape tools? You can find contact information (email/phone number) from IG Accounts using the scrape tools. you can scrape users’ bio, number of followers/followings, accounts engagements and many other information.

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The search button will help you with your research on “scrapers”, but long story short scrapers help limit the actions on your account by having another account “look” for sources.

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Oh great thanks a lot mate
Is there any course maybe you suggest relating to jarveeand automation that is new and updated cause I saw one which had no any info relating scraping and so I was totally confused.
Any course just drop the name hehe :wink: sorry for bothering you a lot
Btw thanks a lot mate I appreciate from my heart

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Sorry, i don’t know of any new and updated course about Jarvee.

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Any course not directly relating to jarvee but digital courses having discussed about automation??
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