What is the Best SMM panel for IG?

What is the best SMM Panel for instegram that u know ?
Need for “followers/comments/likes/view/mentions/ and more , real users high quality panel.

I tried several but not good results.
Hope to hear from U guys about some good recommend smm panels. Thanks

justanotherpanel.com is a great one

I recommend http://smmfansfaster.com/ for IG views, it’s very cheap and instant. I have ordered more than a million views from them.

Up until last year I used social media garden. They have good support and always willing to assist. (I haven’t used them this year).

Looking into this kind of service for the first time, how does it work? For example, the one below, does it mean i pay $0.10 for per view? I do not understand any of the numbers shown in the screenshot below :sweat_smile: Do you mind explaining how it works? Really appreciate it