What Is The Best Social Network For Driving Traffic?

As the title says, what is the best social network for driving traffic to a website at the current moment?

I’m asking because i’m mostly using pinterest which is working fine but it only works for certain niches. Tried facebook but i don’t seem to get any clicks (i get engagement but almost no clicks to the website). I have some strong instagram accounts but no traffic to the website from them. Didn’t try twitter / tumblr…

What’s your experience with this?

Facebook, Tumblr or Reddit, those are my top 3.

how many clicks do you get from facebook? i mean, compared to the amount of followers / engagement you have.

Depends on the niche, 1 Makeup account could post to around 10 groups a day and could get around 100-150 clicks.


seems reasonable enough, and if it can be scaled up, it looks like a working solution for the traffic problem. my only question is how many accounts are you using, where did you buy them from? i am having trouble with all the fb accounts i’m using, they’re all dying (some of them immediately, some of them after 2 weeks).

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Currently doing this for a client, I am using 10 accounts and getting the client around 1000 visits a day just through facebook, I know a seller on skype that sells the best aged facebook accounts out of the 100s of I have bought, for just $1.5 aswell :slight_smile:, check my PM.

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:yum: that’s awesome… and it converts?

but how are U driving traffic from fbook as they banned everyone

good question…

Facebook is getting stricter having its users LEAVE their platform.

Thats why they limit the reach of certain posts that contain URLs in them (and especially youtube video links… their competitor)

So one thing that can help is when your making your posts, is to have the Link in the comments.

And when you’re asking which social network is “BEST”, it depends on your audience (demographics, interests etc)

Depends where your audience is hanging out.

If they’re mostly on Pinterest, stay there and master that until you hit a reasonable level, imo.

Then when you hit a sustainable level, start investing in some ads. (Does Pinterest have an ads platform at all?)

If you’re getting good engagement from facebook, use that! Start with micro commitments on posts: ex: leave a comment, tag a friend, whats your fave xxx, whats ur story… etc. Then as you build trust when u pitch them ur offers, you’ll get a better chance of getting traffic

Plus, what I found to be quite interesting to lower the barrier, is to SHOW them what’s at the other side after clicking the link… (ex: what the website will look like when they click… the PDF they’ll get when they sign up, etc)

Hope that helps.


Nice recommendations. Just good old fashion communication and marketing advice.

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Are you regular with the postings?

Facebook & Twitter is the best source to drive traffic towards a website. Fill proper bio in profile so that audience will know what they are going to see.

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can you pm me that seller as well please