What is the best way to contact big IG Influencers?

Hello guys, do you have any proven method how to contact targeted Influencers with a high response rate?

I looking for a way to contact as many Influencers with 10k+ followers.

I have an idea for scraping emails, cold emailing, or cold DM.

I will appreciate it if you can share some tips.

Cold Dm probably won’t get you an answer, cold e mail will, they add their e mails on their accounts for business propositions, so if you e mail them they will probably see it. Some accounts write in their bios DM for shoutout, in that case Dm is the best way to get in contact with them.


I would say cold emailing and email scraping are the best ways to contact influencers, also, after doing business with one you can get referred by to the others and so on until you build a good network of influencers.

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Cold emails and DMs can work, but bear in mind they may have a low conversion rate.

Luca is onto something here:

I like to use a week-long ‘warm-up’ method (if they post frequently), that basically consists of commenting on their posts (ask relevant questions), replying to stories, and reacting to stories, just so they slightly recognise me when I message them.

I find a week works well for a few reasons: it’s long enough to have them know who you are; they forget that they only met you a week ago; and it doesn’t suck up too much of my time.


I don’t have the proven method, but I guess that the best way would be to contact them through emails, since I think that they expect more serious business proposal to come on their email address. Good luck!

very interesting way to approach influencers EauDeBo, I will definitely use that in the future.

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DMs would be best some influencers have management so may be best to also contact them

this if how I’ve found multiple clients via IG and built a little network in my early days :star::pray:


Thanks, Luca! You’re welcome :call_me_hand:

I’ll let you in on a secret - that’s pretty to hear! :+1: Fingers crossed it will keep working for me.

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Even when they answer do you believe it will bring success?

When I ask a fitness guy with 10k follower to make an advertisement for my fitness clothes shop what do you think which % of conversation rate would be realistic?

I’m only asking because of interest. Maybe same guys made experience here

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Obviously it would vary from case to case, and would depend on many factors. Many “influencers” are actually not very influential!

You might want to offer an affiliate/commission plan. This conversation on reddit has some interesting feedback on that topic.

I wouldn’t call a 10k fitness guy an influencer, I had a 10k fitness account that got shadow banned years ago. My new one is nearly 5k atm. You should be going after the big fishl

My repost account is 150k

I agree with you heroslair but for small businesses 10k accounts could be a good influencer instead of investing in 150k accounts influencers you can have 3 or 4 10k ones to repost and do stuff for you, it will be much cheaper tho.

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Yeah in terms of high engagement profiles, the smaller ones seem to do better. Which means better sales and cheaper. You are correct.

Just meant that influencers usually are 100+ and are on other networks. Someone with 10k will easily respond via dms if they want to.

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yes agreed, 100k are the ones usually called influencers, even tho some companies won’t consider the account owner as an influencer until they have the verified badge :grin: :man_facepalming:

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in some niches, ‘influencers’ like that reach out to the ecom-profiles themselves. hoping to score free products.
what i used to do with these small influencers like that is offer them a 40-70% discount on the product, so that i cover the cost of the product(s) i sent them while still getting some extra reach.

cos most won’t bring any conversions (although depending on the niche and products and their followers and etc. etc.)

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Yes, this is probably the most efficient possible way of reaching them. It’s not a guarantee but you will prolly have better chances than the others.

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I actually just read this and I think that this strategy is amazing. This could work for different social networks and for different purposes. Great warm-up method :slight_smile:


Thanks very much! Hopefully it can work for others as well :+1:

You’re right there - anything to get to the top of the list!


We have a small business aim to corporate with some gaming and streaming influencers with about 10-90k followers, if you mind giving us some tips. Paid service is also appreciated.