What is the maximum account /4g proxy?

hi,what is the maximum account /4g proxy ? because 4g proxy is expensive. i use 5acc /proxy and still get temp locked…


It comes down to lots of things.

  1. What actions are you doing
  2. Is the proxy shared or private
  3. What times you run each accounts/ similar actions etc.
  4. Is it a good proxy source.

You will be surprised as to how many accounts can run on a proxy if you know how to set your accounts up in a way that they don’t link or share too many similar actions.

I have a feeling that you are probably doing something wrong with the account itself buy using badly made accounts, not warming up or too many actions too soon.

5 accounts is easy to run on a 4g modem if you know what you are doing

If you get temp blocked when usign 5 accounts / Proxy there is maybe a problem with the Proxy but propably with your settings.

I run 6 Scrapers on 1 Mobile Proxy and
16 Mains on another and it works just fine.

It’s safe to go with 5 accounts with one IP. With one proxy you can go in one day even with up to 20 accounts. Because usually mobile IPs change so in one day you’ll have multiple IPs to work with.

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I buy 4g proxy share for 12 euro. Supplier says 1proxy max 6acc. I use for 5acc. My acc is age account 2-3years. I just follow 30-50following/day + post 10x /day for each account.
And im not using slave account. I just add some username source at following source in every acc have different source target…

Any idea?

You mean you run 6scraper + 16mother account in 1proxy? Where did you buy the proxy? How many following /day for each account? Just following?

How about if i run using 4g proxy share acc?

Shared 4g is trash. Private is the way to go. With a shared one you can split your proxy with 3-4-5 people which is not nice. Even if one more person is doing Instagram, everything will be really bad.

5 accounts per proxy at once.
Each account is active for 8 hours so one proxy can run 15 accounts safely since once 8 hours are up and 5 accounts go to sleep, other 5 get activated.

Obviously, do not enable all accounts at once. One may run from 11h to 19h, other 12h to 20h and so on.

Okay…5 morning-night & 5 at night-morning
Using night mode. Right?

In my experience this is not even true. It all depends on rotation etc. I can run 20 accounts on one 4G.

Right now I can even run accounts on ipv6 without any problems

All depends on the account and how you run it.

Yes, I use night-mode but you can fit in more than two batches in a day :slight_smile:

Yeah, there are lots of factors. This is genuinely a safe one for accounts you care about (at least for me).

I’ve seen quite a few claims for 20 accounts per 4G but, I guess, I care too much for my accounts to try it :smiley:

I feel like this could get you blocked.

How about 5post/day?

I think you should use scraper accounts even though you only do 30-50 follows per day. You can buy a couple of scraper accounts from #public-marketplace , then set them up using the tagname method:

Also, use a private 4G mobile proxy instead of a shared 4G mobile proxy on your main account and different proxies on your scrapers.

3-5 posts/day should be good in my opinion.

These proxies that you’ve connected with you’re accounts, are they 4G residential? You’re likely to get blocked if you don’t use residential IPs. Additionally, you’d also want to make sure your proxy provider’s hardware are true cell phones.

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what settings do you have if you want to run 10 ig accounts per 1 mobile proxy? just the nightmode settings?