What is Tumblr good for?

I have two accounts running on autopilot in Tumblr, and by far it has the worst engagement and follow-back ratio compared to my other social media accounts. It seems like people are not willing to follow back as it is in other platforms.

How do you use Tumblr? (besides cloaking links lol)
Do you gain any benefit from promoting anything on Tumblr?

I’m starting to think it’s a waste of CPU… Maybe i’m wrong :slight_smile:

Please share your opinions and ideas… Thanks!

I’ve read some journeys where people were doing quite well with tumblr, however they were using a lot of accounts, to build more interaction to just a couple of them and get a lot of traffic as a result.

I guess it’s like the other platforms, if you have a good strategy, a lot of accounts and concentrate your efforts only on that thing it can work. Haven’t used it much though so let’s wait and see if anyone else has something more to say about it :smiley:

According to my experience, tumblr is not exactly a niche platform
I assume that it usually operates through quotes, philosophical writings, etc.
Because I have 0 knowledge of coding, I am using it as a quasi-webpage.
It does its job