What is your favorite growth strategy?

This is more of a discussion. Do you prefer M/S, shoutouts, giveaway loops, top comment growth, etc. Instagram ads :mask: :joy:

Why do you prefer it?

M/S + Instagram ADS

Mother/Slave. It’s expensive, but worth every penny.

Mass Dms. Works wonders. Can maintain just with cheap DC proxies

Follow/Unfollow the cost effective and most effective startegy ever :smiley:


Follow/Unfollow with Slave to Main method + DMs + ADS :joy:

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Posting Great and outstanding Content


How do you manage to do DMs these days can you give more details on your setup for DMs. Recently a friend of mine tested on 100 accounts with JV and 97 got blocked

Blocked? Like disabled? Or they are blocked from sending Dms? Whats the interval between each Dm? Spintax used?

According to my friend he purchased accounts, set to send 5-6 DM per day from each account and message was same. They were asking for Phone verification which he can’t do and then loses account.

I am currently running a test on freshly purchased accounts. They are not warmed up. They were logged in yesterday, each one shares the same profile and then a secondary message which is spintax enabled. Upto 50 Dms a day, they run fine. Remember, these are not even sending to own followers but random people scrapped through the scrappers. I am currently testing how many days would they survive at 60 Dms a day. I previously tested 50Dms a day and each account survived for a good number of days (I got my first block after 20days and then the account was disabled on the same day. But we already know that these accounts which send mass Dms will be disabled one day or the other)

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I’m wondering if the link can vary just by this little as for example:

Link 1: site. com/discount/firstone
Link 2: site. com/discount/secondone
(Not actual links)

If not, how would thousands of affiliate marketers promote products and make the comission, if all those links would get clustered into one?


Sadly these DMs go straight to the “Requests” box for half of them, and for +/- the other half of them they don’t even appear anywhere

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I think most of them go to their request box. People with less than 1000 followers, see them almost immediately since the number of message request they get each day will be in single digits if any. They get a notification which says “soandso” is trying to send them a message. I dont think they disappear in any case. I have had success converting about 5-7% of the Dms sent into followers. Correct me if i am wrong about the disappearing part

From our testing on about 20 accounts that didn’t follow each others :

  • 8 didn’t receive any message at all. Even when we tried to go directly to the discussion, no message was adressed for them. Sounds like IG for some reason, for some accounts, just filter some DM and black list them.

  • 12 received the DM in “Requests” and had to “Accept” to reply back.

However, more tests need to be done. But for me, it was enough to conclude that sending DMs to non-followers isn’t efficient enough (+ the report for spam which is sadly hard to avoid) :unamused:

Not ads :joy:. Lol but are you seeing good results/how much are you spending?

May be. I never tested about the disappearing part, so may be i am not aware of that. However, the conversion rate is good. Give it a try once

M/S +DM + bulk accounts (100 accounts) work perfect. within 50-100 usd ads for main account . growth fast

What do you target for ads with smaller budget, countries like India?

Smash 2-5k with solid content & cruise on the curtails of IG feeding me followers :slight_smile:

If you know, you know :wink: