What kind of music do you listen to while working?


So like the title says, I am interested in what kinda music y’all listen to while working. I like to listen to more chill - no vocal - kinda music. It makes me concentrate.

Something like this:

But also chil house music that isn’t energetic.
Let me know what you listen to.


Try search :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s wonderful :v:


I like listening to classical music or jazz.


I don’t stop working until the video ends


AC/DC… don’t know why??? Didn’t like them much as a kid, but now when I listen to them while I work, I am more focused and get more done… weird!


Wait for it…


Lo-FI Beats playlist on Spotify all the way!!!


Chill house and EDM is my favorite to concentrate


Recently I’ve found this guy Apparat it’s really chill and helps you focus and if you cant get enough, he’s one of the guys from Moderat, who are a bit more tempo, but great for focusing as well :grin:


Check out brain.fm - don’t know if their research is just clever marketing but I find myself way more focused when listening to their tracks than normal music.



Brian Jonestown Massacre


Bass Boosted songs,lately been addicted to this song