What’s the best tool right now?

Hey guys how are you all? It’s been a while and since my last visit and now it seems like I really need your help. I am taking on local clients from where I live and as I have been off from this thing for a while I am not sure which tools/automation tool is still reliable? Which tool do you think I should use for basically f/unf and also dms
Please any advice would be highly appreciated
Thank you :pray:

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Jarvee is always a good option. Plus there are guides in the forum for setting up scrapers correctly and so on - I don’t think you can go wrong as far as public bots are concerned.

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Jarvee is great if you know how to warmup properly and use good proxies. You need to be careful with client accounts

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I am new to this scraper thing tbh
Scraper accounts are used just to scrape targeted followers right? So that we can follow them through main account? Or is there anything more we do with scraper acc?
Thanks I appreciate it

What do you think is the current follow rate 180 per day?
Thank you :pray:

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Jarvee is still reliable. Scrapers are used for scraping the targeted followers. You can also set them to be used when you sync your accounts.

As for the Contact tool, I suggest you don’t go over 30 DMs per day. You should also use a very good spin syntax, and enable the contextual options.

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I personally stay around 150-160 follows with no issues. I try play it somewhat safe and stay around there

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Yes, you scrape the followers that meet your criteria.

You can also use them to find ghost followers on your account by scraping all the followers and all the likes then checking the most active and not active people. But you need to automate this yourself so coding is needed. The result is that you can get rid of inactive followers from your accounts (debatable if beneficial), or you can scrape only followers from other accounts that are the most active over certain period of time. This improves follow back tremendously. But this is advanced technique and great results ca be achieved with Jarvee targeting only and simple scraping.


I am using Jarvee for F/U and DMs as well. Just keep the limits low, use Scraper accounts, use proxies if planning to run multiple IG accounts and it should work properly.

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Jarvee would be your best option, devs are always updating it adding new tools and new strategies to avoid verifications and issues

I would say 150 would be a good start but you should always make sure to warmup the account for few days, good proxies and scrapers

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Thank you very much all of you guys are really helpful I am so grateful and I appreciate it a lot :pray:

I am planning to test my own accounts first
Do you think the lowest pricing plan is good for starting out things? It’s 10 accounts but how much is for the scraper and real account?

This seems complicated haha
Will seek your help on this once I start :grin::pray:

Do you suggest me to test things out with diff ways of warming up with diff scrapers and diff main acc too?
What vps do you suggest?
Thanks a ton

And what about dms?
Thanks :pray:

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Contextual? Can you please elaborate this
I know about spin syntax but I haven’t heard about this one
Thank you so much for your valuable comment

I stay to around 20 but have seen people go up to 30. I have a long running set of slaves so I keep them all safe and not go too close to the limits. Most of my accounts are at least 6 months old and were made new and put on automation.

How mch are u charging if ever only follow unfollow

yes tests are always a great approach when using automation but even when testing keep the number of actions within the reason so that you get good results from your tests, also, make sure to warm up the account for a few days, use 2-3 scraper per main account to avoid errors and you can try hetzner VPS

what proxies do you guys use for instagram i have tried eveyrthing and my accounts still get blocked =/

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