What shows are good on Netflix right now?😝


Hey wassup guys!! So just wanted to have a little fun here and get our minds off social media a bit. Lately, I’ve been binging a bit on Netflix shows lol and I wanted to put a few here that I’m hooked on and wanted to know some recommendations from you guys. So, I love Stranger Things and can’t wait for Season 3 next week. I also just binged and finished Designated Survivor not too long ago and last night, I am ashamed to say I pulled a complete all nighter and watched the ENTIRE season 1 of the show What If, lol which I actually was really into. I need more shows guys haha! Drop your favorite shows here! Woohoo :tada: lol


Dexter, the office, haunting of hill house, breaking bad


Okay Haunting of Hill House…never heard of it…gonna search that now lol. Literally on Netflix now so perfect timing. Thanks!


It’s a great show if you like creepy stuff


The Umbrella Academy if you’re into dark humor & superheroes :wink:


I have never seen this before but have heard great things about it!


Not on Netflix, but two mini series from HBO !

The Night Of,top1 for me
and Chernobyl recently !


Buy me HBO and I will be all for these shows :rofl:


Don’t know if these are netflix shows. But definately Shameless and Power


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So many good suggestions! I’m definitely into Power so looking forward to that coming back. That’s on Starz. But all these other suggestions I’m gonna look into! Thanks guys!


Big time favorite at the moment: Peaky Blinders

Straight up inspirational for anyone trying to make their fortune the blackhat way.


@mozem Ooohh it’s got a lot of seasons! I can binge! Lol


would highly recommend Black Mirror - surreal psychological thrillers with every episode being different so you can start anywhere you want :slight_smile:


Definitely Peaky Blinders, you won’t be disappointed.
Also Haunting of Hill House, Orphan Black, Money Heist, Lucifer.


Season 2 of Dark just came out on Netflix. It’s been pretty good.


Black Mirror
Sex Education :smiley:


Dark, When They See Us and The Haunting of Hill House :slight_smile:


@Kacper_Kiedrowski I’m definitely gonna have to check out Dark and The Haunting of Hill House. That’s 2 people mentioning it already.


Tonny Robbins - I am Not Your Guru :grin:


Rupauls Drag Race! If you don’t agree…sashay away!