What shows are good on Netflix right now?๐Ÿ˜


Lost in space


The Punisher, Paradise PD and Rick and Morty. I canโ€™t believe no one has recommended these.


Strictly talking about shows on Netflix check out The Ozarks if you havent already.


@jrob24 Omg I love the Ozarks. Waiting for the next season!


Yes its amazing and tomorrow starts S3 for Stranger Things. Do you have any other streaming services?


I heard they got all of Fresh Prince on Netflix, anyone?


I have Amazon Prime. And yes, anxiously awaiting Stranger Things tomorrowโ€ฆI will be binging.


Wanna hear from you about that new season how did you find it?
I would advise gambling school, itโ€™s f awesome. There is two seaso.I started by the last episode because i started watching at a friendโ€™s house but i watched the whole thing going back home.


Do you mean of Stranger Things 3? If soโ€ฆloved it!! Canโ€™t wait for Season 4. It was sad at the end but def donโ€™t wanna give out any spoilers.


Another vote for Darkโ€ฆ

That show took sci Fi to another level.
Plus, the cinematography and cast is amazingly done :raised_hands: 10/10


Yes! I was going to recommend peaky blinders but wanted to check before postingโ€ฆ another good one i just finished is mad men its pretty old but i like it


I liked stranger things season 1 the most, S2 was ehh in my opinion I really liked three the end got me in my feelings though


late to the party, plenty of good shows suggested but i would suggest blacklist too
also breaking bad, prison break are a must


I agree with this dude.


Daark is really cool!!


The office is the only reason I have Netflix


Just got done with Season 3 of Stranger Things. It was alright, but not close to what season 1 was.

Also started watching Black Spot. Thatโ€™s been good so far. If you you like Dark itโ€™s worth checking out.


Money Heist by far best show iโ€™ve watched so far (on tier with Breaking Bad imo) if you like suspense and bank robbery mindgames


The OA, Black Mirror, Maniac, Travelers, Dark, 12 Monkeys, Sense8.

Also, my personal favorites, although not on Netflix; Mr Robot & Westworld. :upside_down_face:


I recommend EL MARGINAL, an Argentine series that is on Netflix and itโ€™s great