What shows are good on Netflix right now?😝


Peaky Blinders, Archer, Vikings for me :pray:


Not sure whether on Netflix: Chernobyl, The Handmaid’s Tale, True Detective, The Last Kingdom, Good Girls


The Punisher!!!


Evangelion. :sunglasses:


Yes same…


Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Devilman Crybaby, The Haunting of Hill House, Dark


The Haunting of Hill House, I downloaded this like a week ago, but never started watching it, is it worth it, I mostly watch horror movies or series, so it’s hard for me to find something that I didn’t see like 100s time already lol (I mean same story over and over in most movies and series)


Well, I couldn’t stop watching till the end. The twists are so satisfying, added to a very unique story.


Perfect, only thing I hate is when I need to wait for new episodes to come out haha, I am waiting for Peaky Blinders so long, can’t wait to see it lol. I normally just wait for whole series to come out and then watch it all at once in a few weeks haha. In the haunting of hill house there is full 1. season right? And season 2 will start in 2020?


2 season?? Maybe the 2. season gets a whole new story like american horror story, because 1. season got a flawless ending. You can safely assume you got a full package.


Have to second (third actually) Chernobyl - and only 5 episodes so you won’t be unproductive for too long!


Probably the worst show to watch but somehow got hooked to β€˜the 100’


replying again but damn Love death robots is absolutely amazing

its pretty much black mirror animated shorts