What shows are good on Netflix right now?😝


la casa de papel / money heist. very awesome… but its not the end.
and “good behaviour” but the end not perfect.


Derry Girls
Last Chance U


Love, Death & Robots
Black Mirror
Modern Family
Altered Carbon


The Last Czar was amazing but super sad!

Another Life was entertaining. It’s about aliens and space voyage. Not the best writing (some things you think ahhh man just do this or say this, who would not do that???) But plough through it and it will hook you.


Rewatching breaking bad the best show ever


Stranger things, breaking bad!

And, not on Netflix but still: the boys (it’s amazing)


Casa de papel is awesome, started watching a few days ago (Money heist in English)


Rick and morty
Bojack horseman
The originals
Breaking bad
Black mirror.
Plenty of anime of there aswell!


Disenchantment season 2 is out!


EL CAMINO. Nothing more to say


+1 for “The Boys”! It’s on Amazon Prime, highly suggest you get the 30 days free trial just for this show :wink:


I’m watching Designated Survivor 6/10


yes. i watch this too. but it still not the end. continue :sob:


mindhunters, based on the FBI’s conversion to profiling serial killers… Excellent show!


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